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The Lady Is Right -- Let's Keep Our Eye on the Ball

Bill1260 Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 10:45 AM
I think the pack was pretty lame when it started out. Remember, to run for president it takes a three year running start. First and second year of Obama he was flying high. Who in their right mind would want to challenge him? Why not "keep your powder dry" and wait for 2016? 'Course, to run in 2016, you need to get geared up in 2013 or '14 (provided a Republican didn't win the White House). There were some great gains in 2010, and I think the "tea party" can deliver again in 2014 if people just pay attention.

It seems the Republican Party news is getting worse. This past fall, we suffered the defeat of our nominee for president. Based on the economic conditions, Republicans should have won. Many Republican pundits tagged Mitt Romney as the winner days before the election, talked about a possible landslide and were flabbergasted when he lost.

Yes, I said it would be a photo finish, but I digress.

Karl Rove, former senior adviser to George W. Bush and the architect of W.'s successful president runs, was so undone Election Night that he fought back on Fox News when it projected Obama would...