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Military and Society Threatened by Women in Combat

Bill115 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 9:52 AM
Like every agenda the left espouses, this whole issue of women in combat roles is wrapped in the feel good philosophy of equality. Women are supposedly going to shatter another "Glass Ceiling" and will henceforth be in positions to be promoted to lofty hieghts as a result of serving in front-line combat tours. As of this feel good milestone, keep in mind that our military is still an all volunteer force. Lost in the luster of this day of joy is the fact that there is still a Selective Service. You know, the government agency that sees to it that in time of need, a draft is instituted. Right now, it is only MEN, ages 18 to 26 years of age, that are required to be registered for Selective Service. This will soon change.
Bill115 Wrote: Jan 25, 2013 9:59 AM
The point of the matter is that the draft is not popular, as evidenced during the Vitnam War. There were enough men that were doing everything possible to avoid being drafted. Women, in the interest of true equality, will be subject to the same Selective Service requirements. I am not trying to diminish the roles that women have played, and are playing, in our military. These gals WANT to be there.It will be most interesting to see a national poll of women to see what they would think of being drafted and sent off to war, with no choice in the matter. Be very careful of what you wish for. I wonder what Cindy Sheehan, Rosy O'Donnel, and Code Pink think of this.

The first line of attack in political battles is language. Getting people to phrase things your way is the first step to getting them to think your way.

In the foggy mess of the debate over women in combat, you will see media references to a “ban” being “lifted.”

Bans are bad. Lifting bans is good. Therein lies the bias strangling this issue in the dominant media culture.

Am I “banned” from the women’s restrooms at work? No, I’m just not supposed to be in there, so that word doesn’t come up. The...