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Bill115 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 10:30 AM
Ahh, greed. And power. The unions are self serving for more money. That is a form of greed. As Stossel has pointed out, who in their right mind turns down a pay raise? And have you seen the end of year bonuses that many companies hand out around the Holidays (Like Christmas)? The employees are busy comparing what they were awarded, and many times practicing envy ( a by-product of greed) because someone got more money than they did. Of course, the bonus check is likely based on employee performance during the prior year, a fact that is often overlooked.
Joseph64 Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 12:36 PM
Bonuses are sometimes also linked to longevity as well as performance. Someone who has been a solid employee of the company for 10 years might get a slightly bigger bonus than the equally solid employee who has only been there for 5. He has proven his loyalty to the company by staying with it for so long. In a time when employees no longer think anything of floating from job to job rather than staying with one company for their entire career, longevity needs to be rewarded.
On TV, my Fox colleague Bill O'Reilly says, "The recession was brought on largely by greedy Wall Street corporations."

Give me a break.

Bill's smart. If he believes such things, we who care about freedom have done a poor job communicating economics.

Blaming problems on "greed" is a mindless cliche.

Yes, Wall Street was greedy -- but that's nothing new. Greed is a constant. Did you ever turn down a raise? We need a free market because it restrains greed. Laws against theft and fraud help, but competition does more. With this election approaching, and statist, eager-to-regulate candidates in ascent, we...