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Historically, even natural born citizens could have their citizenship revoked. It was called banishment. The primary cause of such revocation of citizenship was treason, an act of war or aggression against the United States. These ISIS fighters that come from this country are acting against their native country (and as a result against the loyal citizens of this country), and deserve to be stripped of their citizenship.
There will be no impeachment of the president as long as there is a Democrat majority in the Senate. Impeachment is the first step in a trial. The House can implement impeachment proceedings, and even impeach him, but that is merely a first step to a trial in the Senate. That won't happen. Just like Bill Clinton. Waste of time, and everyone knows it. If the Senate was held by a majority of Republicans, it may stand a chance, but there are so many RINO's that would cut a deal with Democrats that it would be questionable even then.
Tragically, public sector employees are unionized and will not hesitate to use underhanded means to accomplish their goals of getting more and more money. Spains' most recent conundrum involves the public sanitation workers. In an effort to get more benefits, or at least stop the proposed pay and personell cuts from occurring, they have gone on strike, leaving trash to accumulate in the streets. Which side will blink first? The unions, or the government? Citizens will get pretty fed up with the stench of rotting garbage outside of their homes and buisnesses, but until they realize the unions are the bad guys here, they will clamor for the government to give in. Tragically, they do not equate higher taxes with that. They will continue to be upset with government for higher and higher taxes, for services they have gotten accustomed to.
The President made such a horrible error when he broke the politicians cardinal rule. NEVER, under ANY circumstances, be clear, concise, and articulate when making promises. Always be vague, under defined and waffling when speaking of what your landmark legislation will accomplish. He sailed that ship onto the rocky shoals, and now he can't navigate out of it. He is stuck with it, as is the whole Democrat party. Hopefully, conservatives will take a page out of Rahm Emanuals' playbook, and will not let this crises go to waste.
It has always been common practice for government agencies to spend as close to their budget as possible. I retired from the military twenty years ago, and the practice in the organizations I was assigned to was to be conservative throughout the budget year, and any surplus budget monies that were not spent at the end of the fiscal year were spent quickly. The reasoning is a 'Use it or lose it" mandate. If they cannot justify the budget as is by spending allotted funds, then the next year, the budget would be cut by whatever they did not spend. Of course, operating funds and pay funds are two different accounts. Now for the furloughs. Active duty military personell have been regularly downsized for the last several years. You don't hear much about that from the mainstream media. However, once the DoD civilian employees start getting furloughed, well my oh my is that an atrocity! What makes it so ugly is that even though active duty military members come and go from the various bases around the country, the civilian employees at those same bases are there to stay, conveniently located in various Congressional voting districts. They have "Home Town Jobs" funded by the Federal government, and they vote.
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Budget Hawks Question Doomsday Scenarios

Bill115 Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 11:30 AM
Yes, and the anointed one last said that Yellowstone Park would be shut down, during February and March when it is already shut down. I am tired of these fools spouting the same old song and dance. As one of Obamas advisers was overheard saying, "The worst case scenario would be if sequestration occured, and no one noticed". I say let it happen. Spending cuts, and do not give a nickel in tax increases. Period.
The point of the matter is that the draft is not popular, as evidenced during the Vitnam War. There were enough men that were doing everything possible to avoid being drafted. Women, in the interest of true equality, will be subject to the same Selective Service requirements. I am not trying to diminish the roles that women have played, and are playing, in our military. These gals WANT to be there.It will be most interesting to see a national poll of women to see what they would think of being drafted and sent off to war, with no choice in the matter. Be very careful of what you wish for. I wonder what Cindy Sheehan, Rosy O'Donnel, and Code Pink think of this.
Like every agenda the left espouses, this whole issue of women in combat roles is wrapped in the feel good philosophy of equality. Women are supposedly going to shatter another "Glass Ceiling" and will henceforth be in positions to be promoted to lofty hieghts as a result of serving in front-line combat tours. As of this feel good milestone, keep in mind that our military is still an all volunteer force. Lost in the luster of this day of joy is the fact that there is still a Selective Service. You know, the government agency that sees to it that in time of need, a draft is instituted. Right now, it is only MEN, ages 18 to 26 years of age, that are required to be registered for Selective Service. This will soon change.
Katie, the gun-grabbers and politicians know exactly what they are talking about when they say we don't need firearms. As Senator Feinstein said, "Mr & Mrs America, turn them ALL in". Make no mistake, tyranny is on the way, and even some very intelligent, thoughtful people can't see it starting.
it sounds like the good Reverend may be cut of the same cloth as the weeds at Sandy Hook elementary or Clackamas Town Center near Portland. It's always about the children with these whackos.
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