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Will Wisconsin Be Told What to Do

Bill110 Wrote: Apr 03, 2012 1:19 PM
Dorothy Feder said, " It seemed from the beginning; Romney was the candidate of the “powers that be”. Santorum is the one who connects with the real people, the guy or gal who blue collars it for a living. Romney connects well with the money men, the guys of power and influence, the movers and shakers who can mightily bankroll a campaign, which he did." "Mightily bankroll a campaign." That's Romney's strategy---and John Paulson is his sugar daddy.

A growing avalanche of Republican support has been orchestrated to push the grassroots to embrace Governor Mitt Romney. Only halfway through the primary, Republican leaders are telling voters the decision is made.  Mitt Romney will be the Republican Candidate for President of the United States.  Will Wisconsin voters fall into line on Tuesday’s primary or will they speak with a mind of their own?

In 2008 John McCain took the nomination to a less than enthusiastic response.  But when Sarah Palin hit the stage in Minneapolis, the roof nearly came off the convention center. The base was electrified.  One...