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Is Thinking Obsolete?

Bill110 Wrote: May 01, 2013 8:15 AM
It's not that thinking is obsolete,---it's just so hard to do; it gives me a headache. Being a left-wing/progressive/socialist/Democrat, means I have no moral compass, no absolute truth, therefore nothing to hold on to. Circular reasoning is my best defense. I prefer to just drink the Obama Kool-ade and let the puppet masters think for me. Ignorance is bliss. I view the world through rose colored glasses. I think with my feelings. Am I okay?
While it is not possible to answer all the e-mails and letters from readers, many are thought-provoking, whether those thoughts are positive or negative.

An e-mail from one young man simply asked for the sources of some facts about gun control that were mentioned in a recent column. It is good to check out the facts -- especially if you check out the facts on both sides of an issue.

By contrast, another man simply denounced me because of what was said in that column. He did not ask for my sources but simply made contrary assertions, as if his assertions must be...

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