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Who gives a da---whether or not Walker has a degree. It means absolutely nothing. More likely it is a plus that he wasn't indoctrinated in our Marxist Universities.
There is no question about Walker loves God and country. That does not qualify anyone for president. Walker joined the Governor's Association by endorsing Common Core. That was then implemented by Walker and a Republican majority. Where does Walker stand on States Rights, Immigration, Sound Money (Federal Reserve Audit), Gays in the military, overturning Roe V Wade, EPA mandates, Agenda 21 (UN policies on sustainable development), mass transit, Federal Dept of Education, National Endowment for the Arts, mandated vaccinations,----.
So far he is avoiding the real issues. The great thing about not being specific about genuine conservative values is that no one can say you lied or broke your promises when you fail to deliver. Can anyone tell me one conservative position Walker has taken since 2012. (A balanced budget and "rainy day fund" doesn't mean a thing when it has kicked the can down the road with more state debt.)
Here are a few possibilities; Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Allen West, Trey Gowde, Jim DeMint, Justin Amash,,---.
I am a member of the GOP and have been for 35 years. There is a distinct difference between the grassroots and the Establishment. The Establishment has an iron fist hold on the "big money". Walker is being courted by the Establishment and he has distanced himself from his conservative base.
What we need is a Constitutionalist. That eliminates Jeb, Romney, Christy, Walker---. Walker is a "Moderate" not a conservative.
Let's hope Walker proves that he can repudiate Common Core, gay marriage and Smart Growth in Wisconsin first. And stop attempting to terminate constitutional elected offices.
I voted for Walker in three elections. Walker needs to "fix" the mess in Wisconsin before he moves on to DC. It's not the Democrats that mess with his head, it's the Establishment. What tough issue has Walker took on since 2012. He capitulated on Common Core, gay marriage, pro-life legislation, and Agenda 21. Also he wants to eliminate elected offices and establish "government by administrative rule". Get informed.
Right, and he is not Jesus Christ either. He is a governor who curbed the unions and then went AWOL. Nothing has been done since the 2012 recall election. A "budget surplus" doesn't count because it was created with more bonding (debt).
Agreed, Walker is a man of true faith, and he has some great values. But, he is constitutionally illiterate and believes in government by administrative rule (fascism). Contrary to his rhetoric, he supports Common Core and Agenda 21. All of the Agenda 21 policies remain funded. Do you know what Agenda 21 is? Google it.
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