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30 Reasons To Dislike Barack Obama

Bill110 Wrote: Apr 30, 2013 11:00 PM
There are many black Americans that I would be honored to vote for. Walter Williams, Allen Keyes, Herman Cain, JC Watts, Ben Carson, and more. You are a liar and a bigot. You claim to be impartial because of your love affair with Obama. The truth is you love him because he hates America as much as you do. You want America destroyed.
As a conservative, picking out things you don't like about Barack Obama is kind of like pointing to the wettest part of the ocean. It also goes beyond politics. Not only is Barack Obama wrong politically, he's not a good guy, "cool," or even moderately likable. To the contrary, he's one of the nastiest, least admirable people in politics and he gets by based on a phony persona he created when he ran for President in 2008 -- along with the help of press corps liberals that work to protect him like they're on his payroll. Based on his performance...
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