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War on women as well, particularly single Moms, as well.
70 to 80 cents a gallon to government - 8 cents a gallon to Exxon. Yet every couple of years Senators and Representatives drag the big oil CEOs before Congress to berate them for the evening news shows. Do they drag the Starbucks CEO before Congress for making almost 40% profit on every cup of coffee?
Mr. Jeffrey, thank you for making the distinction between veteran and non-veteran benefit takers, but you still miss the point. Veterans' benefits were earned, not "taken". It was quite revealing to see the Republicans reduce military retired pay first before anything else in an effort to pass a budget that was still growing, not being cut. It is clear to me how politicians (and commentators) on both sides of the political aisle view veterans - as "benefit takers" rather than as having earned the benefits.
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Uninstall Firefox

Bill1035 Wrote: Apr 08, 2014 4:00 PM
You uninstall their product and thus don't read the advertisements that provide their income. You don't show up in their "click" counts that determine revenue.
My first Republican vote for President was for Ronald Reagan in 1980, and I faithfully gave to the Republican Party from then until around 2003 when Tom Delay said that the GOP had cut the federal budget "to the bone". After that I kept writing to the party and individual leaders to cut the budget. Now, as a retired Navy veteran with 27 years of service, I am no longer a member of the Republican party as of yesterday. The retirement cuts will not affect me because I'll be 62 before they take effect. I think most of us who are military retired would accept a cut in retired pay if Congress would cut all the silly items in the federal budget as well, if Congress would cut their own retirements, and if Congress would cut government civilian retirements too. But for the GOP to cut military retired pay while still allowing the federal budget to rise - and no other group to take a hit - that's too much to take. Count me an independent conservative from now on.
Congressman Ryan agreed to increase rather than decrease government spending in return for Democrat promises of future cuts in entitlements. He also agreed to cut retired pay for current military retirees while only agreeing to retirement pay cuts for future civilian government employees. I suppose he thinks he drove a hard bargain. If the Republicans in Congress agree to either of these two points, I'm no longer a Republican.
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Candidates Matter

Bill1035 Wrote: Nov 07, 2013 12:22 PM
Who remembers Creigh Deeds? He was the very weak, unknown opponent of Bob McDonnell in 2009. No one has heard of Christie's opponent either. McAuliffe has 100 times the name recognition that Gov. McDonnell's opponent had. Cuccinelli didn't lose because he was a "bad" candidate. He lost because he was outspent 2.5 to 1. He lost because the Republican establishment in Virginia and nationally wanted to send a message to the Tea Party and didn't support Cuccinelli. Well, I, and many other Tea Partiers, got the message loud and clear. The "R" on my voter registration will be replaced with an "I". My donations will go to the Tea Party Patriots, the Senate Conservatives Fund, and individual Tea Party-supported candidates.
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It’s Business as Usual for JPMorgan

Bill1035 Wrote: Oct 29, 2013 11:13 AM
JP Morgan Chase was coerced by our government to take over a number of failed banking institutions. Much of the damage for which JP Morgan is being fined was committed by the institutions that were forced upon JP Morgan. This is a public relations and fund-raising effort by the Obama administration. The abuses in the mortgage industry were brought about by government forcing banks to lend to those who were not credit-worthy. Bundling mortgages occurred in order to spread the risk of bad mortgages. It didn't work, but it was a reasonable attempt to avoid the damage brought on by government-coerced lending to those unworthy of credit.
You also don't get to choose who obeys the law and who doesn't. The President has given over 1200 Obamacare waivers to unions, large corporations, and campaign donors (but I repeat myself). That does start to look like tyranny when the little guy has to obey the law but friends of Obama don't.
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Ted Cruz, the GOP's Obama

Bill1035 Wrote: Sep 25, 2013 4:36 PM
At least we have one man in the Senate willing to fight for what he believes rather than surrender.
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