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AP is hardly alone. All of the major broadcast, cable and print media in this country including Fox News have failed to air/print the Charlie Hebdo cartoons. Cowardice triumphs over liberty in this case.
Do the Muslims in Atlanta's fire department now work in a hostile work environment because they fear Atlanta's mayor will find out about their views on homosexuality?
Why is the Center for Disease Control tracking how many white and black men are killed by police anyway? Do they consider policemen to be a "disease"? If they would stick to their mission and spend their taxpayer-funded resources on disease control, perhaps we wouldn't have to worry about ebola so much.
Reaganism is not a failed experiment. The financial madness of the last decade was precipitated in large part by the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 under President Clinton with approval of both Democrats and Republicans. The Glass-Steagall Act kept commercial and investment banking separated, and its repeal led directly to the financial crisis of 2008 due to big banks underwriting mortgage derivatives. The bundled mortgage derivatives were an attempt to spread the risk of mortgages that were granted to unqualified home buyers. Reagan had nothing to do with it.
The AP talks about the bill containing "tradeoffs" on "abortion" among other things, but the article doesn't say what the tradeoffs are. Is it too much to ask to give us the information and not just an allusion to it?
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My Column Ends, But the Questions Don't

Bill1035 Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 10:06 AM
Ms. West, you are the most clear-eyed, honest commentator on what true Islam is all about in all of American media. The end of your column is a huge loss, and yet I understand your frustration. Thanks for the reminder about Geert Wilders - perhaps someday the US once again will grow a more courageous breed of politician in the mold of Mr. Wilders. We used to have such.
It must only be a coincidence that the Lerner emails were discovered after the last election that could affect the Obama presidency.
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Will Manchin lead Dems?

Bill1035 Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 4:23 PM
Manchin will leave Dems and join Republicans in order to help keep coal industry alive in WV.
Vote for Braley because he's unattractive...yeah, right.
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Good Women Have Abortions

Bill1035 Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 9:53 AM
Good women have abortions because bad men and women (such as NARAL proponents) try to keep them from learning about moral alternatives to abortion.
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