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The 1970’s - Redux

Bill1014 Wrote: Apr 08, 2013 8:16 AM
The truth is not reality in Politics: it's who you can make believe your lie. BHO has run slash and lie campaigns in and since Illinois. Axe-the-rod is a professional at demeaning opponents and diminishing facts as in the most recent campaign. The best we can hope for is bolstering the backbone of conservative legislators to stand on principle.

Welcome back to the 1970’s folks!  Remember those glorious days of Disco, polyester sport suits and Saturday Night Fever?  Well, according to the jobs report that came out last Friday, 90 million people are out of the workforce, no longer looking for jobs, with the labor force participation rate at 63.3%.  The last time there were this number of people out of work was in 1979!  How’s that Obama economic policy workin’ out for ya?

Oh yes, I remember the late 70’s;  The days of Jimmy Carter, even or odd gas days and endless gas lines, interest rates...