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And so once again the Occupier of the Office of President shows his true colors.
If only this Marine were gay or black or illegal then (Horse) Holder or nOBlAMAme would be all over it.
Oh he likes the perks enough. Its that governing and leadership stuff he's not so crazy about (course probable cause he doesn't have the skills).
I would call him the Attorney Private.
The sooner Castro leaves San Antonio the better (nope not a fan). Just an "Obama Lite" politician.
So just set 5 empty seats with the name tag "democrat" on the panel. Let everyone see that "Peloser" cares not one twit for four dead Americans.
Who are these "wack job" judges (illegal immigrants?).
So, again, put five seats in the committee room. Let the D's fill none, some or all - they're call. Just label the seat cards "Democrat".
Gee I'm certain Holder would have supported there stay if only they had been Hispanic, black or gay (but European white - not on Holder's watch).
Harry Reid is a disgusting piece of excrement - he needs to get a large supply of lip balm to manage his nOBlAMAme butt kissing.
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