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Gang of Eight Immigration Bill Requires No Additional Border Fencing

bigwheel4482 Wrote: Apr 25, 2013 6:38 PM
politicians take an oath to defend the constitution and the rule of law. They vilate both every day. They are liars and cant be trusted. Here is true immigration reform 1. unless at least one parent is legaly here being born here doesnt make you a citizen. No more anchor babies 2. Make all sactuary cities illegal. this disregard for the law has killed many americans. interior enforcement. 3. No refugees from countries that harbor terorists. 4. No welfare, food stamps, wic 5. No free education we are broke. If any liberal has a problem with this then are immigration law should mirror whatever the laws are of the person who is breaking our law. If your Mexican then we use your laws. That wat it wouldnt be deemed racist.
Much has been made of the border security "triggers" in the Gang of Eight's comprehensive immigration reform bill. It's been emphasized that the path to legalization for eligible illegal immigrants would not begin until after border enforcement provisions are met. As I wrote last week, it's unclear that the "triggers" as they're written in the legislation would actually function this way. At a hearing this week, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano gave conservatives even more reason to be skeptical of enforcement provisions.

The legislation includes a secion on a "Southern Border Fencing Strategy," which is intended to direct...