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jail him now
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A Case for Voter ID

bigwheel4482 Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 8:56 PM
I u cant figure out how to get an id how can you be responsible enough to vote
mexico is invading the USA.
if you believe what you said you are one or two things completely clueless or one of their shills. I know many liberals and most are ill informed and clueless. they know very little about anything and believe many things that have no factual basis. I could easily crush any liberal argument.
if you dont know the difference between right or wrong go find somewhere else to sell your drible.
hell i want to be in the shadows other than the right to own a gun illegals have more rights than we do..they dont have to pay taxes worry about the IRS... there kids get free education... in ca when they are stopped for no insurance, registration or license they are let go. even the car is not towed... they cant be charged with tresspassing.. give me the shadows...all the rights and no responsibility. hell they can even vote...half the 9-11 terrorists where registered voters.
these politicians are not representing America... they pose a domestic threat to well being of the country... if you apose enforcing existing laws you are in violation of your oath to uphold the rule of law... that makes these people criminals but what they are really comitting is treason!!!!!
the people that voted for obama are useful idiots...
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Underreporting in Obamaland

bigwheel4482 Wrote: May 30, 2013 8:51 AM
your completely right. mainstream media is covering for obama. we are moving in a downhill spiral. obamas main goal is to do as much damage as possible.
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Gas Myths

bigwheel4482 Wrote: May 29, 2013 8:09 AM
my friend just had a well drilled on his property in North Dakota from the first dirt work to the time its pumping oil it cost 7.5 million. this is below average ... there is a lot of cost going into drilling a well... just to inspect one piece of pipe is $45-$75 depending on the pipe and that doesnt include the $100 an hour a test co charges just to be on site, the co also charge environmental and travel cost to site.... think about it dirt workers, drillers. concrete workers, wireliners and loggers, frackers, water crews, maintenance crews inspectors, service crews and all these people paying taxes
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