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what is radical about the tea party???? I want to know how enforcing immigration laws voted in by a democratically controlled congress is radical??? I want to know why cutting out of control spending is radical?? we are wasting billions here billions there. give me an answer
Obama the welfare, food stamp. gun runner, VA disaster, Benghazi, open border, cliven-piven, high gas and food prices, golfer wannabe, vacationeer, IRS scandal, debt ridden, most non transparent, devisive, president in history.
clear and present danger America under attack supported by the Obama fundamentally change America team
I think people are forgetting the role Homeland Security is playing in this. Didn't we create this gov't behemoth after 9-11 to ensure the safety of americans? what we have is a damn joke. Its sad when getting the VA to protect our borders would be considered a step up. what a failure of gov't
four days from now we will fundamentally change this country obama..... death by a 1000 cuts.
how in F**ck did these people become our masters. term limits now...start gutting this 4 trillion a year budget
jail him now
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A Case for Voter ID

bigwheel4482 Wrote: Mar 25, 2014 8:56 PM
I u cant figure out how to get an id how can you be responsible enough to vote
mexico is invading the USA.
if you believe what you said you are one or two things completely clueless or one of their shills. I know many liberals and most are ill informed and clueless. they know very little about anything and believe many things that have no factual basis. I could easily crush any liberal argument.
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