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Are Facts Obsolete?

bigwheel4482 Wrote: Dec 30, 2014 11:27 PM
you cant have your own facts there is no overwhelming majority of scientist it is about 50%. I trust the founders of green peace, accuweather and weather.com who don't believe in climate change. I thought it was global warming?
you are an idiot. most taxes are paid people making over 75,000. I saw your earlier post. the super rich 1% like polosi, reed, Feinstein, Obama, Hillary. warren buffet who's wall street fortune went up 40% under Obama. bill gates going to lay off 18,000 employees and at the same time wants to flood America with even more immigrants. Obama is wall street.
more people where employed when bush left office than are employed right now
where do you even start with this drivel. repubs just passed a bill yesterday to protect the border and speed deportations. this protects tax payers and saves jobs. let me see extremely wealth Pelosi, reed, Hillary, Obama not to mention warren buffet( net worth up 40% since Obama took office)bill gates Microsoft letting go 18,000 employees. all democrat all 1%. under Obama rich got richer the poor got poorer 40% per household.
we also had Obama's favorite economist krugman lament that the rights fear of inflation is completely unfounded.
so true how do we know that not doing anything might actually be better.
what is radical about the tea party???? I want to know how enforcing immigration laws voted in by a democratically controlled congress is radical??? I want to know why cutting out of control spending is radical?? we are wasting billions here billions there. give me an answer
Obama the welfare, food stamp. gun runner, VA disaster, Benghazi, open border, cliven-piven, high gas and food prices, golfer wannabe, vacationeer, IRS scandal, debt ridden, most non transparent, devisive, president in history.
clear and present danger America under attack supported by the Obama fundamentally change America team
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