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Always the same ol song and dance, eh? Blame everyone but the real culprit!
Hey, why does the Obama Admin need to raise the debt ceiling, if everything according to him is a-ok? I heard most of his drivel, and it was one lie right after another? Debt has been cut in half during his administration? Yeah, right!
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Bipartisan Self-Destruction

BIGSKYER Wrote: Oct 15, 2013 1:46 PM
Is Saunders still in California? Must be the rarefied air out there that causes people like her to think that way!
Exactly! Enter socialism and the ability to control the humbled masses will be in place. Lenin and Hitler would be proud!
Right, and cave into each and every cocka mamey scheme presented by Democrats? Hitler and Stalin had very good propaganda machines supporting their agendas, and here in the U.S. we have the main stream media along with back stabbing Quislings like the five mentioned here in this article, supporting Obama and everything he stands for. Personally, I'm glad I became an Independent back in 08!
Sorry to butt in Doctorx, but you are referring to Obama as being the grandstander aren't you? Cruz has been how long in the Senate, and how long has Obama been in office?
Free choice or Free agency? Was my thoughts as I watched this blonde dim wit try to make her case with Oreilly! Notre Dame is Catholic school, so what in the heck were they thinking when they hired this woman? Oh, I get it, she's cute! Right?
What a wimp! Wouldn't it be great to see some sort of exchange or debate between Obama and Cruz? I mean a debate without Obama handlers and a support team. Cruz would have this turkey for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
This current group of do nothing Republicans sound like the bunch back in the 40's and 50's, when they delighted in being the party out of power in congress. Less responsibility that way..
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