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The little girl is probably hungry, so surprised mooch didn't hand her a sandwich back!
Sorta smacks of Nazi Germany! Gestapo must be everywhere! Not the old US of A I used to know. Have to say, for most, but not all, how stupid can you get for voting in Obama
Gosh, I guess I must blind to beauty, but this has to be the homeliest first Lady ever! Eleanor Roosevelt would come in a close second I suppose!
What's next? Legalized murder, bank robbery, whoops, can't legalize murder, since killing of innocent children is already legal Wonder if MKH and John Stossel would get upset if someone were to light up a stogey or a cigarette in their presence? Smoking banned in all public places, but the enlightened denizens of America, advocate legalizing drugs of all kinds. Wonderful America! Hypocrites!
Nah, picking up trash would be too easy! How about busting rocks with a sledge hammer 8 hours a day at the local penitentiary?
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Jesus Returns to the Woodlands!

BIGSKYER Wrote: Jan 06, 2014 11:32 PM
"Suffer the children to come unto me, for their's is the kingdom of heaven" said the Lord Jesus, and then there is this! Dr Adams posts this in his article:: : "1. There were no hi-tech distractions. The opening featured a reminder to parent/attendees that they should use the nursery so their children would not take the focus of the service off the celebration of the birth of Jesus. The song that followed (and a video clip that followed the song) was focused on the importance of the birth of Jesus. The service was off to a good start".
Funny isn't it, when folks on the left can't stand to see compassion shown by someone who truly cares for the less fortunate people, regardless of the color of their skin. I would certainly like to know just how many of the fine folks on MSNBC, who have either adopted helped someone less fortunate than themselves. I'd also find it interesting if and when was the last time they invited someone of another color over for dinner, or for a visit. Talk is certainly cheap these days isn't it? Since these people do not, it's good to see that someone like the Romney's care!
There is never enough money to satisfy a Liberal politician. The Pot of gold could be over flowing, and they'd want more. Take for example the current knot head in the White House. Democrats claim to be for the little guy, but how many of them live in houses like us and drive cars like us? I see this current Carter off shoot to be no different than the rest!
Yea, Hitler and Stalin thought the same way!
Always the same ol song and dance, eh? Blame everyone but the real culprit!
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