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Preparing for the third gun case

Bigruss Wrote: Dec 27, 2012 7:27 PM
Mike I can appreciate your excitement , so many fellow Americans are ignorant of guns & ignorance is the seed bed of fear. All my fellow citizens gorging on chicken,beef,hogs,lamb without a thought of the men who KILL & dress the meat. A sanitized bubble outside of reality is where they preside . Refusing to recognize the 'state of affairs' the natural man finds himself in? Life is a struggle & death is ever present all around us, but they perceive it not, they're appalled @ guns & hunters while chewing their fried chicken, they enjoy having an opinion & access to books & travel & civil rights....but mention sacrifice for liberty & they go deaf & dumb....sheeple like none born in the history of man kind is like them, arrogant clueless