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"and that REPENTANCE & remission of SINS BE PREACHED AMONG ALL NATIONS BEGINNING AT JERUSALEM "...Luke 24:47. "Give not that which is Holy unto the DOGs,neither cast your pearls before SWINE,less they trample them under there feet & turn again & rend you"...Matt 7:6........Jesus & Paul presented the Gospel to all, if they excepted & TURNED from sin & excepted Jesus as LORD they were permitted to stay in the body.....if they weren't ,they were cast OUt......Knock the dust from your sandals as a testament against them. God has GRACE to those who REPENT,GOD HATES SIN & THOSE WHO TOLLERATE/ Compromise are traders to the FAITh. My question to b1rd? If your wife runs house of prostitution & is unwilling to stop & repent that', NOT THE GOSPEl
Heb 4:12 the" Word" is a sword that if you live by his word,you will also die with his word...that's a good thing ! Remember in the New Testiment when they refer to the WORD OF GOD they refer to the OLD TESTIMENT , the LETTERS of PAUL & disciples ( root word disciplined ) was not compiled as of yet. GOD NEVER CHANGES, HE BELIEVED IN FIGHTING EVIL THEN & NOW ! JESUS COMES BACK WITH SWORD IN HIS MOUTH(speaks it) & Destroys ALL EVIL INHABITANTS LEFT IN WORLD
Gets better,Moses & Joshua are told to kill all the liberals in the promise land & POSESS THE LAND. I always thought a little extreme until lately when I see it's the liberals who are unwilling to Coexit, they WILL ALWAYS CRIMINALIZE GOD WORSHIP. CAIN killed ABLE ,Not because Cains sacrifice was rejected,but killed Able because Ables was excepted....liberals hate that ANYONE WORSHIPS GOD & values their relationship with HIM.......liberal Cain didn't value God or want any part of being obedient to him.....and kills any who are
Gets better; Peter chops off ear of arresting officer with a sword ( it's illegal under Romes "no sword act" for the occupied Jews ) Jesus puts ear back on because he must be sacrificial lamb, but approves of Peters action.(God excepts Jesus 'sinless" even though he broke Romes NO SWORD ACT) WHY.? Because Gods LAW SUPERCEDES MANS LAW,ENALIABLE RIGHTS OF DEFENSE,it's Rome who is EVIL for making VICTIMS out of fellow man......Jesus tell Pilot "if my Kingdom were of this world my followers would fight "....3 days later Jesus arises & receives power (authority) of both Heaven & earth. This is why Christians are empowered by God to fight Carnal & spiritual fowes
Aren't they all liberals?
Don't forget apathy, indifference ......ignorance,fear....wait a minute guns have a lot of enemies
"this year will go down in history for the 1st time a CIVILIZED nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer our police more efficient & the world will follow our lead into the future"...1935 weapons act of Nazi Germany,Adolph Hitler.......are ya seeing some similar ,policy by regulation of Obama & Hitler yet? My guess is you yearn to be an observer but..."ever learning never able to come to the knowledge of truth"
Wasn't hitler freely elected? Didn't Hitler use "regulations" to shape his use the names stupid,idiotic,nuts,looney to defend this communist? Did you know Hitler was loved in the beginning because of al the intitlements he bought the votes with? First 40 hr work week,daycare,vacations & even our social security system is based on the nazi. He paid for it by paying unheard of 8% interest on deposits ( called pyramid scheme)...I guess this is over your security clearance ....ever here of hitlers 1935 weapons act ?
I thought his name was Barry? And he lost his law degree for lying on sworn documents ( foreign aid student)......reminds me of cashist clay turned Mohammed Ali, ....isn't respect earned? Like by integrity ( Godly attributes of morality) ? Satan it is written comes as an Angle of light to those who live in darkness " TOLLERANCE "is the new religion....holiness & separation from evil is the new evil
Czars,circumventing congress,executive orders, pushing homosexual agenda in the budget under cover when Democracy of citizens opposed it,war powers act/ ,fast n furious broke our national & international law, the telecommunication act ,aiding Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, & Hezbollah ...known terrorist who support Sharia over democracy,abortion , hired executive CEO of Freddie Mack & Fannie Mae on his cabinet even after they were found guilty,solaria & failed investments,congress voted Jerusalem is capital of Israel ,Obama disreguards this fact....even congress voted 2 years ago that they indeed were treading into communism by the left
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The Stuff of Third World Tyrants

Bigruss Wrote: Jan 29, 2013 7:24 PM
As a Christian mid fifties citizen ,I've seen this nation go down morally in such a short time, I feel remorse for the young who think this is the way America has been & didn't know her even 40 yrs ago. Divorce wasn't acceptable 50 years ago,or adultery or porn,you could'nt cus over the telephone legally, everyone worked & you had self respect not to take a hand out, Jesus was a respected name & schools had prayer.Now I realize why GOD has ZERO TOLLERANCE for's like a cancer ,and why you cannot allow it in your civilization, no quarter was given in the promise land for LIBERAL immoral nations. GOD had them utterly destroyed ( I use to think this was harsh until I see how the ungodly operate) unGodly HATE GOD & will stop @ nothing
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