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Socialism/communism is the governance of Satan. You see GOD PROMISES BLESSINGS TO ALL THAT LOVE HIM & KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS....SO satan's answer is "communism", to take from the blessed & give to the unrighteous. This discourages the Righteous & deceives the "masses" into thinking SIN PAYS,Irresponsibility Pays, no-Consequence lifestyle....also under communism the "State" is "GOD" and demands no other gods before her. The STATE is the "moral lawgiver" I.E. Hitler,Stalin,Mao, Obama/Saul Alinsky ....history reveals "MAN" to be a ruthless ,oppressive,diabolical law giver of "moral absolutes".......logical men prefer that GOD & his Word should be the foundations of governance & history reveals America "1nation under GOD" to be the greatest nation ever recorded "liberty" Worship,speech,expression,travel.".property ownership", educated masses, a MIDDLE CLASS".....no recorded nation ever had these blessings apart from "liberty in Christ"....as we turn from Christ....freedom,liberty,safety ,are replaced by oppression,police state,fear,hopelessness
Gun ownership is the Greatest "civilized " right in the world....even Jesus broke the law of the land (Rome) by condoning Peters ownership of an illegal sword, in Book of Luke Jesus tells them to sell a coat & buy a sword (note: Jesus is resurrected "without sin"although he's broken Romes anti-weapon law) WHY? Because GOD THE FATHERS LAWS SUPERCEDE MANS LAWS " inalienable rights to protect yourself & love ones from evil"......GOD's fully aware of men's evil hearts & the need to protect yourself ( he himself destroyed all but 8 righteous souls by flood) Jesus never told anyone to dis-arm. Only be fully certain of your fight , & acknowledge the fight & use of a sword will ultimately be your death ( of course 3 million defenseless men,women,children gased & burned in ovens tells you "defenseless" isn't the answer)
Tolerance is a lie ,you cannot have 2 different ideologies coexisting,..this is propaganda of the communist . If they get you believing in tolerance & letting down your guard they've got you. Even chairman Mao found & murdered every person who didn't embrace his communist ideology concept. So did Stalin, also Nazi hitler with his dictatorship ideology murdered anyone with another view. Islam is religion & government called SHARIA ( ideology) that clearly states to KILL & murder all other practicing ideologys....."no kingdom divided will stand"..Jesus.....school use to teach history & truth & these brain dead tolerant/ compromisers understand nothing, yes you have to chose an ideology & defend it or 1 will be forced on you ,free or slave?
Why doesn't he recall the 250 million to Palestine & the 600 million to Egypt ( lets keep the tanks,jet fighters,weapons$$$$) we are giving a SHaRIA governed ( opposite of democracy or freedom) nation? They are the enemy of a free people, so why are we practicing treason?
The Bible classifies homosexuality as a bad behavior ,like stealing or murderers...not a race of people.....dumming down of America...talk about "b movie". Jesus calls disciples ( root word discipline) ...homosexuality is UN- disciplined appetites....which manifest itself in undisciplined society ( collapse)....look around ? This nation rejected GOD as moral absolute authority & in 1 generation EVERY institution is in shambles .....and I agree with you "you don't think"
"no kingdom divided will stand"...Jesus......TOLLERANCE is ignorance to GOD. Ideologies cannot coexist . Example: Sharia law & democracy are opposite.....freedom & Oppression.(America founded on rights of individual,communism founded on the rights of the collective) keep in mind communism has NEVER PANNED OUT,99% equally poor 1% super rich......ever heard "to many chiefs & not enough Indians" express's TOLERATING S flaw ( sounds good to all be chiefs). But FACTS are 1 Ideology is only sustainable ( Muslims get it). CHRISTIANS DROPPED THE BALL UNFORTUNATELY & allowed tolerance (sin)to creep in
Your in denial, ( or deceived by your appetites) GOD & his people have already won, read the BOOK (#1 best seller...BIble) THIS NATION is unlike any ever recorded in history....governed by free men & a Constitution with enaliable Rights Given by GOD to GODLY MEN.....NO MATTER what happens to future &the present EVIL MEN, it cannot erase the BLESSINGS Given by our GOD to the Judeo/ Christian nations founders(Godly Americans)....after Americas collapse & the DARK AGES reappear by the hand of evil liberals.....they will NEVER ERASE the history of the prosperity & freedoms & liberties of this once great GOD BLESSED nation of JESUS believing founders.....( until HE SETS UP HIS KINGDOM FOR THE LAST time,New Jerusalem )
Homosexualality is a BEHAVIOR....not a race of people ! If there's no GOD or MORAL ABSOLUTES (10 commands) then MAN is his own god & decides what's moral (sodom & Gomorah mandated forced homosexuality ) Hitler mandated eradication of ALL sub quality humans( both in RACE & mentally I'll exterminated) and that was MORAL to GERMANS....Chairman MAO exterminated 10s of millions based on what they claimed was immoral( freedom ,liberty seekers) seems they were called a race also, ...if GOD is not the moral law giver then Satan will be
Sexual sins of all kinds ( adultery,fornication,homos,beastiality ) destroy civilization, Children need to be nurtured in a loving home by paternal parents (EVERY STUDY OF HOMOS WITH CHILDREN ,the child has LOTS of problems) also children of divorced STRAIGHT parents have much greater emotional Problems than those found in a NORMAL NATURAL home. Appetites of lust destroy
"and that REPENTANCE & remission of SINS BE PREACHED AMONG ALL NATIONS BEGINNING AT JERUSALEM "...Luke 24:47. "Give not that which is Holy unto the DOGs,neither cast your pearls before SWINE,less they trample them under there feet & turn again & rend you"...Matt 7:6........Jesus & Paul presented the Gospel to all, if they excepted & TURNED from sin & excepted Jesus as LORD they were permitted to stay in the body.....if they weren't ,they were cast OUt......Knock the dust from your sandals as a testament against them. God has GRACE to those who REPENT,GOD HATES SIN & THOSE WHO TOLLERATE/ Compromise are traders to the FAITh. My question to b1rd? If your wife runs house of prostitution & is unwilling to stop & repent that', NOT THE GOSPEl
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