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The Prisoner Swap Deal

BigOlBear Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 10:35 AM
Best comment so far. Well done.
I agree with the author that arguing with a liberal is pointless. However, I have found a way to not only have a semi-intelligent conversation with a liberal but sometimes even get them to see my point. You must begin by understanding the tactics used by a liberal: 1. They always start by impugning your motives. For example, "All your opinions are born from your hatred of Obama." 2. Call names. One of their favorites is "racist" but there are many others. 3. Justify bad behavior by other bad behavior. "Obama did it because your guy did it first." Childish 4. But, most importantly, keep the conversation focused on blame rather than solutions. Once you understand this then here's what you must do: ask questions. That's it ... just learn to ask questions. It has always been the case that, he who asks the questions is in control. Your questions must be sincere. For example: ask your liberal friend, "Just exactly what was it that you saw in Obama's resume that earned your vote?" Try it. Your liberal friend's argument will be based on feelings and emotions. If you control the conversation by asking honest questions based on facts, you could be surprised at the outcome.
Wise words from a wise man. I think, however, that a distinction must be recognized between a strategic compromise and a compromise of one's principles. To compromise with another where each side gains something if not everything (sometimes called a "win-win" situation) makes perfect sense. We are currently faced with a war between socialism and capitalism and one must win ... no compromise.
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