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Is Anyone Hellbound?

Big O7 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 11:42 AM
Mr. Brown, good thoughts. But I wish you had re-phrased your closing question to be "How should we then live?" just to give credit to the great Francis Schaeffer. How sad that his son has self-evidently lost his faith (and his mind)! And what can we say of the MSM, who, worse, now, with straight faces, use him as the representative of the "religious community"? We are actually at the final stage in the evolution of American Christianity, where we now jettison anything that no longer fits into our idea of fairness, and insult and sit in judgment of the God Who revealed these eternal truths to us. Gutting the doctrine of hell totally destroys the faith, removing any need for Christ's death or personal responsibility.

The new documentary Hellbound? has reignited discussion about the perennial topic of hell as well as revealed some very bizarre perspectives.

Kevin Miller, the film’s director, who identifies as a Christian, stated in an interview that, regarding the traditional view of hell as a place of fiery torment, “I don’t see anything in the Bible that would lead me to believe that such a place exists.” Instead, according to Miller, when Jesus talked about hell, he was talking about the here and now.

Really? Jesus didn’t warn about a place of judgment to come? And Director Miller gets his...