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Illusions Exposed: Islamic Turmoil Shows Nice Words Won't Heal Old Conflicts

Big O7 Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 9:57 AM
Why, I thought that pretty speeches could do what centuries of war, negotiations, and fragile peace treaties couldn't. At least that is what BHO told me in 2008. Where is "peace through strength" Ronald Reagan when we need him? Where is someone who acknowledges the reality of the human condition, someone who has actually read the history of Islam, someone who is aware of the need for a strong military (the only language these people understand)? God and Jerusalem.
Jack2894 Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 10:04 AM
Reagans Peace THrough Strength in teh Middle EAst:
A version of this column appeared originally in THE DAILY BEAST.

The explosion of anti-American unrest in the Islamic world will damage the Obama campaign in its drive for reelection for two reasons.

First, the turmoil undermines the administration’s claims for transformative success in producing a more peaceful and stable world.

And second, the lurid displays of violent fanaticism dramatically discredit the underlying world view promoted by Barack Obama since the earliest days of his candidacy—negating the notion that concession and conciliation toward hostile, backward societies can bring an end to stubborn conflicts....