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A Murder of One

Big Lou2 Wrote: May 14, 2012 1:11 AM
I had the same response from a coworker of mine about 18 years ago. I told her my 6 month old son (now 18) couldn't live without help either. We are still friends but the subject of abortion doesn't come up any more. As with most liberal positions it is all about "don't tell me what to do because I do not have to be responsible for my actions."

Some years ago, I was sitting in a tree stand in Sampson County, North Carolina. Less than an hour after ascending into the stand, a beautiful doe stepped into my field of vision. I raised my 30/30 and set my sights just behind her right shoulder. Just as I was about to pull the trigger, I saw something moving along the outer perimeter of my field of vision. I glanced to my right and saw a young fawn grazing just 25 yards away from its mother – the doe I had nearly shot. I had to draw my weapon down for...