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Terrific: America Lags Behind 31 Other Countries in Mathematics

bigkam Wrote: Sep 23, 2012 8:44 PM
In America, we test EVERYONE. It is part of what has always been considered "American Education"--we give everyone the same shot, regardless of disability or ability. This will ALWAYS keep us in the middle of the pack on these lists. There are very few countries ahead of us on that list that do the same thing, and I personally think it's irresponsible for TH to try and spin it as such.
Dark Matter Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 4:17 AM

You don't know seem to understand. The Nordic countries, Canada, Japan, etc. educated ALL their children just like we do. The problem is twofold (at least). Pedagogy (the methods of teaching). And lowering the overall IQ of the country by swamping the nation with kinda dumb people.

IQ is exceedingly difficult to raise.
itsnotaboutyou Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 1:37 AM
bigkam--So what's the issue with testing??

I understand that we are more than $16 Trillion in debt and unemployment has been above eight percent for 43 straight months, but education reform is a moral imperative that cannot wait:

We have a crisis in our schools. This is not a new revelation, but it needs to be stated regardless, particularly at the start of another academic year and at a time when America is struggling to compete in the very fields — math, science, technology — that are defining the global economy. Consider that U.S. high school students graduate with just a 32 percent proficiency...