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The GOP Establishment Should Think Twice Before Trying to Undermine the Tea Party

big jack II Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 8:48 AM
it is time for a third party. The RINO's will never give up their power and will do everything to undermine the conservatives trying to restore sanity and common sense into our political system. The RINO's treat the conservatives like the democrats treat the blacks. The Republicans have been emasculated and have lost their backbone. When they had the chance to turn America around from the direction it was headed they succumbed to the socialist propaganda machine, again showing how spineless they are. Politics is dirty business and if there is one positive thing you could site about the democratic leftists it would be their doggedness to fight for their beliefs , no matter how damaging they are to America. Not so with the Republicans.

Even though it changed the terms of the political debate, thus giving them a majority in the 2010 elections, many in the Republican establishment deeply resent the Tea Party. They don’t like being monitored by taxpayer-friendly groups that will expose them when they side with special interests (as they have in recent months on Export-Import Bank subsides and housing handouts).

And they really hate the idea of being held accountable at the polls when they side with the corrupt...