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Congress Needs to Develop an Oversight Backbone

big jack II Wrote: Mar 27, 2013 10:05 AM
Are you kidding me! I have been involved in politics for many years and year after year you have watchdog groups bringing up abuse after abuse and nothing is ever done about them. The most recent was the fact that millions of dollars are sitting in bank accounts of defunct programs and the accounts are never closed. Waste , fraud and abuse is a campaign mantra that politicians use but never get around to actually doing anything about. All because of bloated bureaucracies. The right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. What a way to run a government. That's why we need the smallest government possible.

Earlier this month, Forbes columnist and respected conservative commentator Ralph Benko penned an article calling for a “national conversation” following the Department of Homeland Security’s purchase of 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. As Benko notes, this is enough ammunition to sustain a decades-long war -- not overseas, but here on American soil. Although the notion the government would use this ammo to wage a war against American citizens may be far-fetched, Benko is spot on about one thing: The Obama administration should, at the very least, be forced to explain why such a massive ammunition purchase is needed; especially at...