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Stupid is what stupid does. Well the stupid elected Obama, Obama selected Kerry and Kerry does stupid. What do you expect? It would be funny if it weren't so serious. Chamberlain tried to deal with Hitler, remember?
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Christie Swipes at Obama

big jack II Wrote: Jun 28, 2013 9:10 AM
Christie playing both sides of the fence. Politicians turn into chameleons once elected to office. Better stated , they become double talking buffoons. Uses Obama when he needs something and then turns on him. Don't get me wrong , Obama deserves what he gets but Christie is two faced , remember the big hug fest.
The American people are being duped by the very people who swore an oath to protect America. Pass laws that are discretionary, what is that all about? There are laws on the books that have been ignored, we were suppose to build 700 miles of fence and only 36 miles have been built. So they can talk all they want but they are going to do what they want and in the mean time we will see a flood of new illegals . What joke!!!!!!!!! Just like Obamacare, they will open Pandora's box again. Just like the they intended.
Makes me wonder why we are being duped by the RINO's . Like Obamacare , we are being sold a bill of goods. Without borders , language and culture you have no country.
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As Usual, GOP Caves on Principles

big jack II Wrote: Jun 14, 2013 8:13 AM
The republicans have been emasculated. Time to find some real men and women. It is also time to withhold your money and support until the republicans get the message. I would prefer a third party but that probably can't or won't happen. Withholding your financial support is the only thing that will get their attention. I have tried many avenues but all I get back are form emails or letters.
The Republicans want your money. When they call and you start talking about how they have become the " wimp " party and have become emasculated , all they say is " that's why they need they money " as though the money will grow some gonads. All we get out of Washington are lies, both from the democrats and republicans. The difference for me, I don't expect it from the republicans. Now I see we will not secure the border before we issue Amnesty. Can you imagine the flood about to hit our southern border.
For over 50 years our politicians have been selling Americans on the european marxist utopia. All one has to do now is to look at what is happening in europe to see what's coming to America. Margret Thatcher had it right when she said " The problem with socialism is, you eventually run out of other peoples money. " And so we have, but our perceived wise men in Washington think all we have to do is print more. And so we have . The more we print , the less it is worth. Sounds like what happened in Nazi Germany. By the way that was Socialism. Go luck America.
Magical water in Washington, D.C. Is anybody surprised? Folks that go there sell their souls.
Illegals will have to pay a fine. Pay back taxes. Not be eligible for government programs. Will have to get in the back of the line. Now I ask , why would they come out of the shadows? The borders will not be secured. This is just a scam for votes. And guess what republicans, it will not be for you.
Just like Atlanta where the city and county governments have shut out white employment our supposedly open minded liberal friends in academia have turned our colleges and universities into marxist cesspools. Seems like they don't want to be challenged in the arena of ideas. These institutions are nothing more than a continuation of the indoctrination kids get in government schools. Russia has nothing on the US when it comes to propaganda. This has been a deliberate policy for a 100 years. It has " Progressively " progressed.
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