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I wonder if the Liberal News Media will report what happened?
Come on everybody He's doing what all Liberal Democrats do. They cook the books, they lie and deceive to hide the horrible results of their failed policies and Plans.
That's the Liberal Democrat Plan. Must keep their voter stock dependent on the Government.
another book of lies to fool the ignorant low information Liberal Democrat voters. The same play Obama did.
You are so right. It shows the conditioning of the Black Communities by the Liberal Democrats is very strong.
Conservatives do not need to reach out to Black Communities so that their hands can be bitten off. They do not want to hear from Conservatives. When the Black Communities realize that the people who control their Communities are Liberal Democrats and they are the cause of their misery. They have 50yrs of proof that the Liberal Democrats have been holding them in poverty and yet the blame Republicans and Conservatives for their own problems.
No just the Liberal Democrats, they must lie to get elected. If they told the truth they would never get elected but only in New York, California and other broken Cities.
Once again Nancy is self projecting for the liberal Democrats. They are always playing the Race card.
So true, they do not know how to play hard ball or they refuse to do it. We do have many that can dish it out in spades.
This is a tactic from the saul Alinsky. "accuse your enemies of the same thing,that you are doing". "and when you tell a lie, tell a bigger lie to cover the first lie".
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