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Texas Secession to be Reviewed by White House

Biggbear51 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 12:01 PM
Texas is one of 12 or 14 States that are considering or have begun action to declare themselves free of Government of the European States of America. I have heard over the past few days since the RE-PLACEMENT of Odildo by presumably the people, yea right. Anyway the states are fed up with the likes of the COMMIES currently running our beloved Country. So when my State of Idaho put forth a proposal to abstain from the STATE, I will be in the first position to vote yes for this venue. I served four years for this country and would again. Just not for the ones currently calling themselves leaders.

The idea of Texas seceding from the Union is a long time joke, but a secession petition on has received enough signatures to be seriously reviewed by the White House.


This isn't quite the equivalent of the Declaration of Independence, but in the digital age, you could say it's similar.

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