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Stop Subsidizing Stadiums

Biggbear51 Wrote: May 21, 2012 10:37 AM
And to think we can all thank Al Davis for this fiasco they cal professional sports! Concessions run $6.00 for a hotdog, $6.00 for a soda and cant have a beer because some little mealy mouth punk has to prove he is a punk by acting like the child he is. More and more violence so the what use to be a very enjoyable time is now an outing filled with excessive caution as to get home in one piece! I say get rid of the free agent. Get back to managers actually managing. No players gets more than a million a year no matter who you are. Then perhaps I might watch it again?
Ted in California Wrote: May 21, 2012 10:46 AM
Uhhh, what? Free agency is not the problem and that is completely off topic from this article.

Never trust politicians to negotiate with jocks; the jocks will win millions of taxpayer dollars and embarrass fans by losing games.

I didn’t always feel opposition to public stadiums; I enjoy attending live sporting events; I like wearing my NFL, NHL and MLB gear and rooting for my favorite teams. But I’m not buying the “Stadiums create jobs!” chant anymore. Here’s why:

1.) Caving To Jocks

Politicians care more about looking cool in front of jocks than representing their constituents. Case in point: The new Vikings Stadium.

Remember the old Metrodome with the roof that collapsed under snow last December? The...