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MSM Starting to Notice Democrats' Recklessness in Fiscal Cliff Talks

Biggbear51 Wrote: Nov 28, 2012 1:56 PM
Mr Benson the vary first time the will of the American people was flatly ignored by this administration, it became unconstitutional and ILLEGAL. There by it has become treasonous and grounds for immediate impeachment. Now here's the neat trick Benson Buddy, there are virtually millions of people just like me that have been saying that since before this PUPPET was placed by the COUNCIL that be. The Affordable Health Care act has nothing to do with health and has everything to do with the formation of a socialist society! As does that presumed tax hike.

One of Democrats' enduring, systemic political advantages a mainstream media whose levers are overwhelmingly controlled by people who agree with them on most issues.  But sometimes Democrats push their luck, and many in the press cannot help but notice.  In the midst of a deluge of Republicans showing flexibility on "revenues" -- for better or worse -- Democrats have thus far been unwilling to commit to, well, much of anything at all.  Compromises require real, tangible concessions from both sides, and a number of MSM stalwarts are beginning to point out that Democrats aren't doing...