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Jehmu Calls Tucker Carlson A "Bow-Tying White Boy"--Megyn Kelly Apologizes

Biggbear51 Wrote: May 06, 2012 12:48 PM
Unfortunately I to have bigotry in me and I am ashamed of it. However this story is indicative of why I detest anything liberal. Since history began those of liberal bias and thinking have always demanded that everyone think, talk and behave a cetain way. However tey do not and in fact do as dad gum well as they please. The concept of HYPOCRACY was birthed just for them. The worst bigots yet touting they only wish to help when they go out of their way to DESTROY at all costs including human life!

Typical: Her response and the soft bigotry of low expectations (read: "tolerance") of her remarks because she is black and not a white.

What is also typical is Jehmu telling whitey Carlson that her remark was not name calling. Tucker, Megyn, and those watching appear to disagree.