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Anyone care to wager that he DID NOT cancel any of his Golf outings??
Only reason this is occurring is to inform the mass's of exactly who is in charge. Or at least so they think. It would be so simplistically easy to rid our shores of these thugs that it is actually humorous indeed. Simply do it. They are out numbered 1500 to 1 DONE DEAL as Odildo like to say!
The female in this picture is actually a ranking member of the Body of 161 people of the Global syndicate. She is in fact Obama's DIRECT SUPERVISOR. She answers to George Soros and others. Directly above her and with in the walls of the White house is a Muslim Brotherhood senior player that does pull the strings. He is seriously tied to al-Qaeda and is paid direct from Peter Lewis of Progressive insurance, and George Soros. He is the Nephew of the Saudi Prince. Whom is the same son of a buck that paid for the 9/11 attack. regardless of who actually did it. This is what you liberals out there put into our Governing body. I personally pray for each one of you. We all need prayer but you folks are at the top of the prayer list.
If you are aged, ill with some sort of chronic problem. Young and ill with something that can only be treated but NOT cured or have a severe medical issue. You may as well plan to get your affairs in order. Because the FACT is, your days are very, very numbered. I figure with my Asthma and Osteoarthritis and the fact that the V.A in my area has been closed until further notice, I have roughly 8 months to one year to live. I am 53 and have served this country for four years, worked better than forty years and have copious things to offer anyone as far as experience. Yet a group of puppetized morons can squash all that because they want control. The only one that controls anything is GOD.
To all on this site commenting: Please view, consider and spread these video's of the 161 people that control the planet. This is why we are suffering from Obama and Reid.
Here is something everyone should be super concerned about. I agree with most of you and add this. Judge for yourselves:
Not one time in my 53 years on this planet. Have I ever met a liberal who was sensitive to anyone or thing but themselves. NOT ONCE>
Check out the phone number for the Obama care site support. It actually spells "F**KYO"
At last count 27! Don't bother to ask my source. I cannot and will not give it.
This fiasco is designed to obliterate the middle and upper middle class as well as destroying the private sector of any chance other than a ONE PAYER SYSTEM of health care. IT IS UTTER COMMUNISTIC SOCIALISM of a 1930's thru 50's Eastern European run system that murdered over 250 million people in just over 9 years. HER COME THE BREAD LINES. By the way. the PUBLIC DOLE now known as welfare that was to end in 1937, was in fact designed to end bread lines and end poverty. Funny now 48% of all American's are on some sort of DOLE. Go figure :)
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