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I have grievous news for you Ms. Bailey. America lost it's #1 status some 3 + years back when this Health care crud started Vladimir Putin is the current raining chief and he damn well knows it. This communist and chimp we have in the Oval office is the preverbal laughing stock of the planet. Even the smallest third world countries, not Nations but little dinky countries are holding this jesting fool at bay because he so freaking weak. Hell my 10 year dog has more back bone than this commie cumquat. Standing up for terrorist and their beliefs all the while tearing down the great place on earth and the people that made it that way. This fool IS NOT AMERICAN in any way. He is walking fecal matter in drag.
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Judgment Day in Virginia

Biggbear51 Wrote: Nov 05, 2013 1:59 PM
Anything is better than these diseased zombicrat cronies.
So it is your contention that if there were no such thing as the GOP, this mess wouldn't be occurring. Is that about right. I wish to thank you for showing your ugly communist face. It makes our job easier to do. It makes things so simple to transform to a previous time of actual betterment and more prosperous times. Kind of like 20058 and back. Anything before the soros clone and zombicrats such as yourself. you are merely vile.
It is fearful at best to read, hear and see hundreds of millions of people out there, not seeing what this is about in truth. The truth of this unlawful law is to obliterate the private insurance sector. Place the elderly and ill directly in the path of the grim reaper and to tear down the upper and Middle Class of this country whom are the back bone. Once you severe that back bone. There is no stopping the paralyzing of the country. Once you do that, as happened in 1898, 1903 and again in 1933 -46 in East Europe and here in America. It is being carried out with grievous intent and by those whom are after utter wealth and control. Virtually none of this is about health or the benefit of anyone except those perpetrating this horrific holocaust plan.
Now what is this called boys and girls: Yes, that's right it is called a blatant violation of the Privacy act. It is also called a Federal Felonious act. Punishable by up to 50 years in Federal prison.
Dingy Harry is the one and only Stupicrat that struck down this bill. He uses butt plug. If you want verification just simply look at him. If you look really close, you can see that his teething ring is actually a butt plug.
Tell you what Missy. Why don't you F yourself. How dare you say that to the American People you work for. Yes you WORK FOR US you freakish twit.
The term: STAND AND DELIVER comes to mind. As well as GOD BLESS AMERICA!
To some degree a modicum of spying to protect National Security is necessary. However this far out reaches that by numerous light years. I do not know a lot about Miss. Merkel but I doubt she is deserving of this level of scrutiny. I know for a FACT that a very select group here in the U.S are deserving. That number does NOT include the whole of this land as the powers, morons that be, morons are marketing us to believe. This is utter and blatant budinskiism and is definitely illegal. You have an avenue of escape. It's called the U.S Constitution and the POWER OF THE PEOPLE. Merely stand up and make your voice heard. GOD GAVE YOU THAT RIGHT TO PRIVACY. NOT MAN KIND. GOD GAVE YOU THE FORM A FREE MALITIA, NOT MAN KIND. SO STAND UP FOR YOUR COUNTRY OR GET OUT!!
PEDOPHLLIA in exact!
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