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Mr. Jackson, just for fun google accident pictures of the Smartcar. You will find the lack of them interesting.
Mr. Jackson, just for fun google accident pictures of the Smartcar. You will find the lack of them interesting.
It's true medicare is already rationing patient's medications. Just look at Harry Reid, it is apparent that he is no longer getting the dementia drugs he needs. By the way Harry man-up and show us your tax returns, or are you afraid we will see the real you.
BREAKING NEWS: This just in; The guns used today in the Colorado shooting were traced to the Fast and Furious operation, James Holmes is a registered democrat, and was an Occupy Denver member. Oh just kidding, sorry ABC I got my facts the same place you did, I made them up.
Issa should hold the contempt vote tomorrow. It should be obvious that Holder is delaying the US citizens from finding the truth. Holder has had enough time to comply. Find the man in contempt, put him in the silver cuffs, and make him do the perp walk down the capitol steps. Show everyone in the US no one is above the law. Lock him in a deep dark hole until he is ready to quit playing games. All his actions say to me is he is hiding something.
“Proponents contend that existing law doesn't give people enough time in one office to fully master complex issues and the lawmaking process,” the Los Angeles Times recently reported. If it takes more than a couple of years to master the issues of being a legislator then I don't want that person. In private industry if it takes you that long you are gone and replaced by someone who can learn at that pace.
I believe the rise in tuition is a direct result of easy to obtain money for students. Much like the cost of health care has risen since the beginning of medicare, medicaid, and insurance. But what I find interesting is when students complain about tuition and their professors encourage them to protest the cost of college, I never see the professors stepping up and saying they will take a pay cut to help lower those costs. I would venture to say that a large part of the colleges expenses are salaries.
When liberals can't win the argument with facts they, will lie, or fall back on name calling and trying to demonize their opponent. Its too bad they can't or won't even try to understand the other sides position. The liberals are all for free speech as long as they agree with it.
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Video: Must-See Takedown of Obama's Record

bigdvbc Wrote: May 01, 2012 12:38 PM
Okay so Obama allowed the Seals to kill Osama Bin Laden. That is good news for the war on terror. But that was a year ago. Obama what have you done to improve the country since then? A big fat nothing. Oh wait you have encouraged the OWS crowd into anarchy, taken away religious freedom by your health care mandates, continue to run up the national debt, your enemies list, I could go on and on. So listen up Obama, the American people are hurting so dump your socialist crap and start doing what really works in this country. Get you tail out of the way and let the free market work.
A Labor Dept. spokesman said “To be clear, this regulation will not be pursued for the duration of the Obama administration.” Let me translate this. Until after the election then we have more flexibility on this.
Geithner is an a$$. I wouldn't even let him prepare my tax return.
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