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De Blasio forgets who is his protection is as Mayor. It's the same ones who just turned their backs to him. Hopefully he won't need them.
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The Great Racial Disconnect on Police

bigdvbc Wrote: Aug 20, 2014 11:36 AM
What do we expect from regular people when our Dear Leader keeps blaming Bush. At some point in time you have to accept responsibility for your own actions. The eye witness Johnson has no credibility due to his own alleged criminal actions.
I once saw a car in California with two bumper stickers, one said keep abortion safe and legal and the other was an anti-death penalty sticker. It stuck me as to how stupid some people can be. Think of it, with an abortion a human life is taken without a jury of twelve people to decide their fate, the other is someone who has committed a horrible crime faced a jury and endless appeals to protect their lives. Rather mixed up thoughts on their parts. Just too many people drinking the Kool-aid.
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Finding the Truth at Benghazi

bigdvbc Wrote: May 08, 2014 10:09 AM
No only is this a major coverup with four dead Americans, but I fear with the Obama Administration's history of deceitfulness it will be difficult to get to the truth. Another important fact lost in all this is the video maker was put in jail with no trial for a parole violation. Great way to silence him.
I'll bet the guy they put in jail for a parole violation for making the video would like to know the truth. So he goes to jail on a parole violation without any trial cause they don't want the facts to come out in court. This is the Hillary these knuckleheads want to be president. So let's try this at the next election. No one related to a Clinton or Bush, no adjunct college professors or professors, just someone who has run a state or large business that knows how to run some efficiently.
What a great system. The state sells you the booze, then jails you for DUI. A win win for the state.
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Bye, Bye California

bigdvbc Wrote: May 03, 2014 2:54 PM
I have lived in California my whole life. My children have all moved out of here to live in low tax states. WhIle I was having my taxes prepared I was asked why I still live in here since I recently retired. I could not really give a good answer. She asked me if the money I pay in taxes is worth the return. Since the roads are falling apart, the schools suck, etc. thIs is what living under one party rule looks like. So I have sold my house and I am outta here.
Mr. Carney you need to resign. The people of the United States are tired of you lying.
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