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Poll: Democratic Support for Obamacare Falls 15 Points

bigdrov1x Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 3:51 AM
It is actually quite amazing to think back on my grade, high school, college education. How when History was taught how the books and teachers lionized Roosevelt. There was absolutely no mention of how the "new deal" might be a bad thing. It was just accepted that Roosevelt was just doing the best thing for everybody. No opposite viewpoint was ever entertained. They just gloss over the creation of the Fed, and its impact on the money of the country. The civil war was just because the evil south wanted to keep their slavery and nothing else. Basically a bunch of liberal bs. premise that is just accepted as fact and it lays the basis for the acceptance of all that is happening now.

The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein had an important op-ed out this week making the case that conservatives should not give up the health care fight. And perhaps they shouldn’t: according to a new Kaiser Family Foundation poll -- the first one conducted since the November elections -- support for the Affordable Care Act is plummeting … among Democrats:

Democratic support for President Obama's healthcare law has dropped 15 points since November, contributing to a rise in negative attitudes toward the reform, according to a new poll.

Opponents of the Affordable...