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Did Roberts actually know what he was doing?
They would teach the 3 branches of government. Then when we would study Roosevelt trying to "court pack", it was just glossed over with no discussion on why that might be a bad thing. The socialist/progressives knew early on that they had to hijack the education system to implement systematically their agenda. Have you ever seen textbooks from grade school in the 1800's? Most college graduates probably could not pass most of the tests that are contained in them. America is in for a very rude awakening in the not to distant future.
It is actually quite amazing to think back on my grade, high school, college education. How when History was taught how the books and teachers lionized Roosevelt. There was absolutely no mention of how the "new deal" might be a bad thing. It was just accepted that Roosevelt was just doing the best thing for everybody. No opposite viewpoint was ever entertained. They just gloss over the creation of the Fed, and its impact on the money of the country. The civil war was just because the evil south wanted to keep their slavery and nothing else. Basically a bunch of liberal bs. premise that is just accepted as fact and it lays the basis for the acceptance of all that is happening now.
The problem is that the GOP needs to fight every single last bit of liberalism tooth and nail. We cannot afford to cede another inch. If they did that, the might not win reelection next time. Well if that is the case, then they lose on principle. The house of cards will fall faster then. We are reaping the results of a bend but do not break defense. Where has it gotten the country? We have incrementally crept towards socialism since the early 1900's, now we are there. The only thing that can be done now that makes any sense is to go hard right on everything. Damn the pc police, say what you mean, and mean what you say. Anything less will prolong our slow death. I never thought that I would see the fall of the Roman Empire.
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Richard Milhous Obama

bigdrov1x Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 1:42 AM
Obama is the son of the devil himself. However Mr. Nixon is the one who took us off of Bretton Woods and tying our currency to gold. This move is the real reason why we are now 16 trillion dollars in the red and increasing every day. Just look at the charts of inflation, deficits, and debt since 1971. It is a true hockey stick trajectory. That is what will destroy the country. What good are social issues when food, gas, and the necessities of living take most of peoples income now? Nobody seems to have the ability to ask why this is, they just accept that the cost of everything just needs to increase over time? That is why Nixon should burn in hell as well.
I love these lefties. When the SHTF I know that I will be ready. Do you think they will? I cannot wait.
i tell you i cannot stand that we are fighing the wars in the middle east, but these are not killing us, it is entitlement spending that is doing that. Numbers do not lie, and you cannot avoid the math of our situation. It is terminal now, and will not be long before there is no more road to kick the can down.
When the world stops financing us and the dollar ceases to be the reserve currency of the world, watch out its gonna be a helluva ride down!! Actually I cannot wait because that is the only time when we can save ourselves and try to build a better country.
stupidest wars ever.. why do we give two craps what goes on over there? we have dire straights over here and we are nation building in a sandbox?
I am Half Puerto Rican, and I am an American first. If you try to take what is mine, I dont care what you are, you are my enemy.
we have long passed the tipping point when conservative is considered slowing the rate of spending. People have no idea just how massive 16 trillion is. I got my gun and am buying ammo, and would sleep like a baby if I had to use it if the time came.
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