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this report reveals the true nature of the arrogance and tonedeafness of obama and his personal staff. Destroying our economy wasn't good enough; they continue to spend taxpayer monies lavishly on their personal pleasure trips. Vacationing from what? Wrecking the economy? Has a single day's work been accomplished by these people?
please. Don't provoke me.
It's called "being a good steward of the taxpayer's funds".
shut up and move on yourself, nazi
government agencies spending millions on unneccessary "conferences" that should have been accomplished by teleconference. Start taking these monies out of the pay of the secretaries involved.
no, he's not. You get over it, nazi.
President Bush used his ranch during congressional recesses for WORK-he held meetings and worked on policies there, as well as popping brush. So not petty at all, ph uckhead. You need a reality check-you are endorsing government waste and incompetence because of your idiotic liberal agenda. You are the problem, nazi.
and it's unconstitutional.
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