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The concern is real because of the lack of transparency of the regime. That and the suddenly publicized use of drones overseas to attack our enemies. However, rational thought and critical thinking make it plain that such drastic use on our soil is not going to happen, and this would have been best addressed by a well-stated public policy on the issue.
Hockey is coming on Class dimissed Hopefully, tomorrow, you will be as smart as me, but I doubt it very, very, very much.
why aren't you laughing?
I don't think that is what was advocated, but I did vote for Mr. Cruz to be my Senator.
Seems Washington had trouble with Britain while President...I bet he wishes he had drones then, and even more so as Commander of the Colonial Army. So, I was right.
snort go read a book
see above....and learn to read.
What's the matter, don't you know what the Articles of War are?
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