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you're an idiot.
there are no such things as "high capacity" mags for an AR 15 and there's no reason for not being able to buy an AR 15 if you want one. So whatever silly point you were trying to make is dismissed.
Well, you only get to knock out lying vermin leftists with actual knockout material. This is a fabricated, dubious angle on what is a straightforward act of hypocrisy by a drooling leftist. That should be sufficient to crucify him; not this nonsense. The real story here is that this liar testified in Congress and then went out and did exactly that which he intends to bar others form doing. Your opinion of the NRA is not relevant.
Yea, I"m havin a c rapp y time tipin tpoday
Who is "we", Nazi?
thank you
the Captian is a preening attention w hore.
and a subsequent transfer to a legal recipient is also legal.
No need. On it since I first heard it about 3 days ago.
it's a false bubble as the fed is printing money. The only way to make money from corparate taxes is to have corporations to pay them. This is achieved by creating environments favorable to them to operate.
that needs to get fixed.
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