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Flamming lib....eating junk donuts (which, yes, is not good for you) will not cause one to crash a vehicle and perhaps kill some one....
Hammer...please list proof and examples from written history that these folks did smoke pot.
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Thankful for Property

BigDick44 Wrote: Nov 27, 2013 6:29 PM
John, I think you are slightly wrong in one of your statements. After the famine time, I believe that the colony struggled, but it was not abandoned for years as you stated. More fresh colonists arrived with new supplies and the colonists survived because of great diplomacy with a local Indian woman named Pocahontas who convinced her father, Powhatan (sp?) to give food to the English.
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My Mom's Advice for America (Part 1)

BigDick44 Wrote: May 07, 2013 10:38 AM
My father used to tell me about trying to get a job during the '30s as a teenager. Dad said that he found jobs that paid one dollar for the whole day's work......AND....he was glad to get it! Anyone raised during the Depression knew in later life how to live within their means.
Yes, the border fence issues are vast and complex. I have lived in San Diego all my life. The majority of folks with comments DO NOT live close enough to the border to understand the real issues. We have arm chair statustitions who have likely never even seen a picture of the border area except on TV. Anyone with eyes who live near the border know that a double fence is mandatory in the heavily populated areas such as San Diego-Tijuana, etc. In the wide open unpopulated areas you can use technology as the best method. As many have said....the path to go and use is obvious. But, can Congress agree. That is the issue.
Let's clarify what was just said. The "rebellion" over the alcohol tax was not "put down by armed troops," as Washington personally led troops to deal with the rebellion. However, when word got out that Washingtion himself was coming, the rebellion disappeared. No guns fired!
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To Government, Every Penny Is Sacred

BigDick44 Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 11:27 AM
Obama got reelected because he and his cohorts demonized Mitt Romney. He was reelected because the average person on the street has absolutely no clue what the issues are (as show by numerous street interviews by varous talk show folks). He got back in because young people thought he was a rock star. The young look more on his personality and personal aura that his actual words spoken or beliefs held that are readily available.
Yes, we need to set the record straight. It was the Republicans who wanted to free the slaves, not the Democrats who were pro slavery. the Republicans were called radicals for this belief. Most folks today who have no knowledge of history past (which unfortunately is MOST of them) have little knowledge of this fact. It is, what it is, or was!
Yes, Lincoln did calculate options for political reasons. However, one of the reasons so many southern states bailed is because they Lincoln as "the Black President" because it was well known that he personally hated slavery. In Frederick Douglas's writings he said that meeting and talking with Lincoln, which he did numerous times, was very comfortable as Lincoln never hinted in any way that he was talking to a black man but to a fellow human being. At age 21, Lincoln saw the slave selling in New Orleans and it profoundly affected his later negative feelings for the practice.
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The GOP's Immigration Mess

BigDick44 Wrote: Jan 26, 2013 1:52 PM
There is NO answer to the immigration problem. Neither side of the political game wants to be anti-immigration. They would never hold their elected position if they wanted No plan. Those that want to compromise find that they cannot pass their version because the others are extreme on both sides. What is the result? America will continue its long, slow decline!
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