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Republicans Must Reject Crony Capitalist Efforts to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

bigdawgworking Wrote: Nov 18, 2012 9:40 PM
Obama is the king of "crony". Pay him some campaign contributions and you get "green energy" loans that are not first in line to paid off when you go bankrupt. It is pretty much bribe Obama and get a payoff from the taxpayers. That is NOT capitalism. But, it is how the Democrats have always worked. I left Louisiana because that was the government there. After Katrina, they realized that people get killed when the levees break and all the money went to relatives and friends (aka cronies). Jindal is cleaning up that mess. In 4 years he may get to clean up Obama's corruption as well.

Following his re-election President Obama wasted no time in rallying his progressive and crony capitalist allies to address the fiscal cliff.

Just one week after the election Obama met in successive days with progressive activist groups including labor organizations and advocacy groups such as and then with a select group of twelve CEOs representing a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

Some mistakenly believe Obama organized these meetings to solicit ideas to find a consensus solution to the emerging fiscal deadline.

Don’t be mislead. With his progressive base energized about the legislative prospects during Obama’s second term, the...