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Poll: 67% Say Lawmakers Will Act like “Spoiled Children” During “Fiscal Cliff” Negotiations

bigdawgworking Wrote: Nov 26, 2012 8:00 AM
This is Lose - Lost for the R party. IF they stick to principles and "no tax increases", they will provide much needed cover to Obama and his looter friends -- which is exactly what Obama is planning on. Obama could not hope for a better outcome. But, IF they allow the tax increase on "the rich", they will have betrayed their trust to the voters. Theoretically, Obama would then have to live with the awful results, but the R's are not smart enough to hang the results on Obama. The R's continue to earn their name: party of stupid.

A new CNN/ORC poll conducted before Thanksgiving underscores just how confident the American people are in their elected representatives: more than two-thirds of respondents believe lawmakers will behave like “spoiled children” during the budget negotiations slated to begin in earnest this week (via National Journal):

Roughly 24 percent said the country would face a crisis and 44 percent said the country would face major problems if the tax increases and spending cuts set to enact early next year are allowed to take hold. Just 24 percent think it would cause minor problems.

Fully 77 percent said it would...