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Obama Ad: Hey, Here Are Some 'New' Promises I Didn't Keep Last Time I Made Them

bigdawgworking Wrote: Sep 28, 2012 6:58 AM
Looks just like a Romney ad. O and Romney must use the same online site to create their ads: "I will create jobs" Pick one: (I am not-Obama, I am Obama). Here's a thought (one that does not seem to occur to the Romney campaign). Take this ad and combine it with O's previous broken promises and put Guy Benson's headline on it. Is that too much to hope for from the lackluster, no fire in the belly,"Obama is a pretty good guy but I am not Obama" Romney campaign"

As the economy teeters on the brink, President Obama has released a new, two-minute television ad, urging voters to basically ignore the news and focus on his words:


This spot has a "closing argument" feel to it, even though it's not even October yet.  In it, he makes four "new" promises, all of which we've heard before:

(1) His "plan" is to...