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Global warming -- the ideal con for those who prey upon the mathematically crippled. I am so old that I remember when fraud was illegal. I am hopeful that future generations will use the phrase "AlGore scheme" the same way that we use "Ponzi scheme" today.
Are you kidding? Thousands are laying in the streets dying in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, California, Pennsylvania -- anywhere there is oil. The Gulf of Mexico is a wasteland. There are no more shrimp or fish all because of the poisonous fracking. Oh wait. None of that has happened in the past 60 years. If fracking were 1/10th the issue that the green con artists are saying it is, the above would be happening daily. If fracking were 1/10th as dangerous as the green con artists say it is, flyover country would be exactly that: uninhabited flyover country. Oil well drilling -- without fracking -- is MUCH more dangerous to water supplies than fracking. MUCH. But, the con artists cannot use that because people already know that oil well drilling is safe. So ... enter fracking, a "new" technology to millions of mindless rubes. Fracking is a con artist's dream. They sold the incredibly stupid "science" of global warming, fracking should be an easy con.
"People don't buy books based on any list..." Have to strongly disagree with that statement. Marketing is the heart and soul of the media. And, they are VERY good at it. The NYT Best Sellers List is all about marketing and increasing NYT sales. One of the side effects is that NYT Best Sellers List also increases sales for books on the list. Symbiotic marketing relationship that has worked for a very long time.
Disagree. Any losses are because of GOP "leadership", not with conservatives. The GOP "leadership" HATES conservatives and has publicly gone out of its way to run conservatives out of the party -- and away from the voting booths. Now, as usual, with a couple of months to go, they want our votes. That being said, the choice is between the Party of Stupid and the Party of Evil. Conservatives need to turn out and defeat the Party of Evil. Stupid can be fixed -- kind of like "my dog got fixed".
"What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us?" Mark 1:24
The book is conservative. The book is Christian. Famed NYT Editor Winston Smith does not include it on the best sellers list. Why the surprise?
"Surely the people in Minnesota are not that dumb!" Obviously they are.
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Meriam Ibrahim and Faith McDonnell

bigdawgworking Wrote: Sep 20, 2014 12:33 PM
The left is outraged that the North Sudan Muslims have not completely slaughtered the South Sudan Christians.
Perfect. I wish someone in NC would make the same same connection and make the accusation. Never going to happen with the timid, limp d__k GOP.
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