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Katie's point was that the IRS was not following any laws. Try again.
The IR SS at it again. We already know that liberals are thieves. Simple thieves. But, they usually show more sophistication and hide the theft better than simply taking the money like a common mugger.
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No Risk in Global Warming!

bigdawgworking Wrote: Oct 27, 2014 11:19 PM
Well written. Excellent explanation of science for the anti-science liberal crowd.
Guillory is articulate. Guillory is not afraid to speak. Guillory shows real conservative values. If only there were more Republicans like him and Ted Cruz. God bless and God speed to you, Mr. Guillory .
On multiple machines and browsers (chrome, firefox and IE)? Always possible. I delete shockwave every chance I get.
Based on your assessment, the GOP should surrender. Oh wait. I think they have already taken your advice. After 50 years, whining about the media is totally bogus and simply makes my point.
Your suggestion is both too easy and it makes sense. Therefore the GOP will avoid taking your advice.
Another great Ransom Sunday rendition. Only one complaint: the site. I can barely scroll down -- and certainly not as fast as I can read. I finally disabled shockwave and I can now read your latest crushing blows to the useful idiots like Dr. Roy and ericynot. You might want to talk to the IT management. Someone has added too many paid ads (including the get rich on google ad inside the comments sections) to make it possible to even see the ads much less your column. I usually give up after a while and go to a site where the pages actually load. Over the course of a week, I access townhall from more than one machine at more than one location -- and all with very high speed internet access (slowest is 75MB). Performance (bad) is pretty consistent across machines, browsers and internet connections. I must confess that on occasion I do not open your column because the townhall site is lagging so badly. If I am the only one -- no big deal. But, I suspect that your readership might actually increase if people could .. you know ... actually read your very excellent columns. And, if I remember my Economics 101 your pay is linked to the number of readers you can pull. Good luck to you.
Dear Fellow Sharecroppers -- "It is NOT your money" as I was told by a New York liberal referring to ... well my money ... and what taxes I might owe. Apparently, in the mind of a liberal, I do not actually pay taxes because it is "NOT [my] money", I only get to keep what the government decides I can keep ... a share of the crop that I might harvest to use an example. So, it is no stretch at all for a liberal to shout out their core belief that all good things come from our benefactor, the government. And, that would include jobs. Look and listen closely. You cannot debate this with a liberal. But, you can understand them.
Science would be a good start. When will the CDC starting using basic science?
There is an irony in the Dems mandating abortions that reduce the number of Democrat voters. I guess that is why they are relying on importing illegal aliens.
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