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The Republican Party sucks everywhere. Even here in Texas, our governor gives in-state tuition to illegal aliens. Most TEXANS can't afford to go, but Perry can give hand outs to illegals. And, he is considered a conservative in the GOP.
Obamacare -- from the same wonderful people who brought ebola to Texas and spread it to Ohio.
"WHERE IS THE PRESS? " There has never been a press as watchdog. Never. Who told you that lie? Well ... it was the press. Watergate was NOT investigative journalism, it was a partisan attack. At the time, they sold this clearly partisan attack as their "watchdog" role. The press is nothing more than an ad agency. All the "news" is simply to sell ads. 250 years ago when Franklin was running a printing press, he had "news" to sell printing. He also wrote letters to the editor of his own papers -- look up "Silence Dogood" sometime. IF you are waiting on "the press" to do anything, then you have a very, very long wait.
The Ebola Keystone Kops routine should be enough to expel Democrats forever ... or at least in November. 1. Obama's open borders allow into the US each week hundreds of west Africans -- including those from the ebola hotspots. 2. CDC FAILED to provide a warning to doctors that flu like symptoms in people from west Africa just might, just may be ebola. Doctors can only react to what they see -- and what they saw in Dallas was flu even though the patient was clearly not a US citizen. Of course, when he came back it no longer "flu like". 3. CDC FAILED to provide any guidelines to hospitals for treating ebola and protecting its workers. 4. CDC FAILED to keep those unprotected workers out of the public and sent a sheriff to a CareNow with lots of people. 5. Despite the panic caused by their previous decision with the sherifff, the CDC doubled down on failure and sent a nurse onto a plane to Chicago and another worker on a cruise and who knows what else. Again -- generating panic because it is OBVIOUS that the CDC has not got a clue. And, let us not forget that the same Keystone Kops who have caused so much panic and all but caused an epidemic (but there is still time and they are still trying) in the US, want us to believe that they are qualified to run Obamacare.
Read up on Patient Zero in Dallas. You pretty much described his case. He entered the country symptom free. Soon he had flu like symptoms and went to Presbyterian ER. For some reason he did not communicate (or more likely did not communicate effectively) that he had been exposed to ebola. They sent him home. He came back later with much more serious symptoms and the tragedy began to seriously unfold. Also, there is confusion about the word "risk". The PROBABILITY of transmitting the virus in most situations may be low. But, the RISK may still be high because the consequence of contracting ebola is most likely death.
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Obama asks, ""Why would you say no to women getting paid the same as men for doing the same job?" Great question. Why does Obama pay women less than men on his own staff?
"[Obama]... have a steaming cup of stupid before starting each day." WELL SAID!
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DWS: Dems Will Hold the Senate

bigdawgworking Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 2:35 PM
I had my doubts, but if DWS is predicting that the Dems win... then I feel better about the GOP winning.
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IRS Still Not Getting the Message

bigdawgworking Wrote: Oct 19, 2014 12:10 PM
"The IRS still does not get they serve the people of the United States not the other way around." WRONG. Lesson in liberalism: YOU serve the government. Or,as a New York liberal once told when discussing taxes, "It's not YOUR money!!" Try to keep up. Obama has fundamentally transformed the USA. You are definitely living in the past.
Seems like a very low number to me. I would have expected in the millions. These are people who vote Democrat. By definition, they are mentally ill.
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