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which jews are those that you are thanking God for? the jews who have absolute control of the pornography industry? who openly declare they spread their filth out of hatred of Christianity? or the jews who control hollywood who has made every movie in the last 40 years have the actors say the name of Jesus Christ as a curse word? perhaps it's the jews of the aclu who have erased Christianity from our childrens schools? or the well over 90 percent of jewish americans who vote for communist democrats and the destruction of our constitution, open borders, gun control, and abortion on demand? there is no greater enemy to Christ's church on earth. God can see the truth ofr that, even if the blind leading the blind can't.
man, really? aren't you supposed to read the WHOLE bible? why do you israel worshippers only spout the same slogans over and over? the book of genesis is followed by a lot of other books. the israel he is talking about in genesis BETRAYED him and his only begotten son. do you really think GOD will bless a people who hates Jesus Christ? do you even know what it says, in the jews most holy book the talmud, about JESUS CHRIST? google it marie. israel made it a law that if a Christian tries to convert a jew they will inprison them or deport them. would GOD bless that? we are giving israel everything, are we being blessed? he is cursing us for betraying him marie. you have been misled.
Christians are israel now. stop trying to deceive christians with your blasphemy. modern israel was created by the same people who spread the evils of communism through out the world. if i here one more supposed Christian taking certain passages of the bible out of context in order to fool Christians i'm going to puke. before america began worshiping at the altar of israel we were blessed by God and the greatest nation in the world. since we have been fooled into supporting the satanic talmudic state of israel, we have collapsed as a people, and our nation is at deaths door. as long as the jewish race rejects Christ, God WILL NOT bless them. and he WILL NOT bless those of us who enable them.
Gods chosen people marie? Christians are Gods chosen people.
good post bmitchell671. this website will never speak the simple truth. it's a firm believer in the rino school of the republican party. what kind of idiot says he hopes sports illustrated comes to him for 40 more years?
here is a simple truth that no one will say because they know they will get slammed, but i'll say it because i couldn't care less. if only white men were voting, the way our founding fathers intended, we would never get stuck with these idiots as presidents. our country is lost. why? because our treasonist government has flooded our nation with foreigners who are too stupid to defend our constitutional republic. and we are letting the very same women who have murdered 50 million babies in their womb, out of pure selfishness, vote for the future of our country. that is suicide folks.
just what america needs, another rino candidate. either give us a REAL conservative in the next election or let the republican party dry up and blow away. why should us christians continue to vote for aristocrats who despise us? if this clown is the nominee i'll do exactly what i did with mccain and romney, and that unfortunately, is not vote.
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