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it is important to remember during these times that when the jews and the romans ordered Christians to quit holding gatherings of Christians in public AND private, the apostles and all the followers of Christ did it regardless of such hateful laws. they were tortured and murdered for Christ, and still they did not back down. all over the world today people are still following christ and still being tortured and murdered for Christ, and they still do not back down. us Christians in america MUST NOT BACK DOWN. some of us are called to be martyrs after all.
excellent point.
my wife doesn't leave the house unless she is cocked and locked. everything else is just stupid.
yes, evil is evil no matter how many people endorse it. now you know. you endorse the murder of children, you are an extremist. and a child murdering coward.
if you are for murdering babies in the womb to stop "mass population growth",than YOU are the extremist.
more and more americans are waking up to the fact that israeli's take over the comments sections of american websites. read these comments folks, and ask yourselves if these psychopaths are worth one more american soldier dying fighting their wars for them. if God REALLY wanted Christ hating jews back in israel, would he need america to give them everything and fight and die for them? no he wouldn't. mossads motto is, "by way of deception, we shall make war." is that how the creator of the universe acts? is that what our messiah would approve of? secret torture dungeons and assassination teams? or is that more fitting to the father of lies? the truth shall set us free.
if only they would care about america as much as they do israel. wouldn't that be great?
by defending the very people who destroy Christ's children here on earth you are serving your father the devil. he warned us about the likes of you and how at the time of judgement you will say to him Lord Lord, and he will say depart from me because i never knew you. if you think you can reach heaven without speaking the truth to those who need to hear it, no matter how unpopular, then you truly are blind. too many Christians use pre ordained scripture as an excuse for lazyness. he told us to preach his gospel to the world, not lie to the jews or any other of his children by telling them that because of their gene pool they don't have to come to Christ.
Jesus knew what he was taking about when he said people would be led astray in the last days. never before in history has there been a more evil generation. the fact that you think because somebody is jewish they should be protected despite the fact that they are the driving force in the eadication of Christianity is mind boggling. Christ declared it best when he called it the synagogue of satan. that is your true church. the fale prophets came and led astray the faithful, just as he foretold. the number of the beast is the six pointed star of david that you worship. six points, six triangles, six sides to the inner hex. the israelites were driven from their homeland for rejecting the Son of God. they still reject him.
which jews are those that you are thanking God for? the jews who have absolute control of the pornography industry? who openly declare they spread their filth out of hatred of Christianity? or the jews who control hollywood who has made every movie in the last 40 years have the actors say the name of Jesus Christ as a curse word? perhaps it's the jews of the aclu who have erased Christianity from our childrens schools? or the well over 90 percent of jewish americans who vote for communist democrats and the destruction of our constitution, open borders, gun control, and abortion on demand? there is no greater enemy to Christ's church on earth. God can see the truth ofr that, even if the blind leading the blind can't.
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