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He's had more than enough due process, and he's denied plenty of due process, and as he picks and chooses what laws to follow, I say we pick the one that puts him behind bars. It's too bad we can't tar and feather a guy like him....it would suit him just fine.
The left is forever making the wrong judgements with the existing data. Too much fear or the wrong fear or no fear. Rest assured, they will be screw this up. Nothing different here. Why should they be worried now??? They had no worries before Ukraine!! Now it's going to be bad. Sure. Ho-Hum.
Turned out, as the case always is, the left was wrong about McCarthy. But the truth did NOT come out until it didn't matter any more. How many times has that happened with the left? Lies, lies and more lies, just before elections or trials, or hearings. How about Cummings and his Grand drama yesterday....pure drama, no substance. The lies about the Bengazi attack...the Mexican gun running fiasco ending in murder... They definitely know how to run out the clock. McCarthy was right on topic and correct to boot. So Cruz is in good company.
Not a smidgeon of unfairness Mr. Obama. What specifically was unfair??? Hmmmm???
The left are sharks who smell blood in the water and are circling more and more. Since our "leaders" have been emasculated, the Marxists have a straight shot at destroying our freedoms, laws and economy. They are hyped up with success as Roberts in the Supreme Court, (and those in lower courts who would rule as he has), take more control of findings in "constitutional" cases. The momentum is increasing and will continue to do so unless we have someone who will put their foot down and stop it. I don't know where that foot will come from, or if it will at all.
He would have made a terrible president. Please listen to his comments about implementing Obamacare within each state. Too bad you have made a George Will-type judgement about a guy who was just another liberal Republican. You could have seen the light and adopted conservatism the way we hoped you would. Now you are pushing the main line byline. Ho hum....
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