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The Lure of Something for Nothing

bigbill10 Wrote: Jan 27, 2015 9:42 AM
Making things free only succeeds in making them valueless.
I would thing that the Independent Press would love this! Imagine, a government press agency that can actually communicate directly with the people! The Alphabet networks and the Gray Lady will be able to be shocked daily about the Indiana government press releases and complain bitterly about the competition. OF COURSE it will be self-serving! What press agency isn't? This idea that an "independent press" is somehow balanced and politically neutral is perhaps the biggest and boldest lie of the last half-century. Just have at-it and let the people decide where the truth lies. They might be wrong, but they'll have no one to blame but themselves.
Lincoln said that as a nation of free men, we would live forever.....or die by suicide. Katie Herzog seems to be advocating the second path. I hope she and all her nutty friends follow her advice, we can do with a lot less of them in the gene pool.
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Government Housing is a Bad Idea

bigbill10 Wrote: Jan 26, 2015 4:15 PM
Making something free or nearly-so also makes it valueless or nearly-so. The greatest curse we can make on our poor brothers and sisters is to teach them that someone else can make them non-poor, or at least provide the appearance of well-being. Ain't so. The only cure for poverty is wealth. Welfare cannot create wealth, in fact it destroys it. It makes the problem it is intended to solve worse. This results in a death-spiral where the only actions that are permitted to end poverty cause it worsen. It's like one of those plane crashes they show on TV where the pilot keeps doing the opposite of what he needs to do to get out of a spin or stall and seems unable to break the mind-set that will result in his death. Our culture is about to enter a stall and our "betters" seem to be unable or unwilling to see that they are making in much worse.
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Physician, Heal Thyself! With Gunpowder

bigbill10 Wrote: Jan 26, 2015 7:57 AM
Perhaps all doctors should see their patients separated by bullet-proof glass. That would work....NOT! Civilization is not-so slowly slipping away from us and the solutions of the Left are to proclaim that civilization is not slipping away from us.
I prefer Washington for my President and Einstein for my Physicist. God Bless Specialization!
It is a common fault of people and institutions to conclude that a person who is intelligent and educated in one area, say economic theory or business, or politics, is intelligent and educated in all areas. Ain't true. Einstein was at the tops when it came to understanding scientific principles (gravity, time, speed of light, Brownian motion, etc.), but a true dummy when it came politics. I've heard that he really liked Socialism-thought it was a great way for man to live and effective. Being smart about one topic does not often translate into being smart about other topics.
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Life and Love on the March

bigbill10 Wrote: Jan 24, 2015 10:30 AM
I've often wondered how it was that the German people alive at the turn of the 20th century, who were the arguably unchallenged world leaders in technology, literature, medicine, and the arts could let themselves turn so evil and permit Hitler and others lead them to destruction. I think that Americans who have lived through the last half-century and seen the killing of nearly 60 million children by abortion will some day wake up and realize that what we've done to those children as a nation is certainly no better than what they did to the Jews. I just hope that realization does not come with a similar price, but I fear it will.
Congress, in its infinite wisdom, once decided that it would be great if everyone "owned" their own home and issued tax and bank lending regulations that promoted that end. That helped the middle class, but not the "poor". So the regulations were "tweaked" to permit poor people to "buy" houses who couldn't afford them, and we would all act as the insurers of last resort through the agency of the FED, FANNY MAE, FREDDY MACK, etc. How'd that work out for all of you? When the Government declares something, anything, FREE (actually or practically), the result is to REMOVE any value from it. Anybody with an elementary education in real economics would know that. Unfortunately, they don't teach such "hard" courses at most of our colleges and universities any more. In life, unlike school, they give the tests FIRST and the lessons come afterwards.
Your statement is filled to the brim with moral judgement. Where did that faculty come from? If from yourself, then anything you decide is moral or immoral as you decide, either with your intellect or your emotions. If not from yourself, then where? If all men were blind from birth, they would have no concept of the light or sight. If You were to become not blind at some time in your life and were tasked with teaching them all about light and sight, how would you do that? So it is with God.
I can avoid being a hypocrite either by not doing the things that I know or believe are wrong for me to do or by redefining hypocrisy out of existence. The first path is difficult, most would say impossible without God's help. The second path is easy, most would agree it's lazy and doesn't require God's help. Guess which path most people (including me) most often take?
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