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I think we should follow the excellent examples of Gandhi in his efforts to get the Brits to leave India. No violence, no hate, not even anger. He didn't always succeed in this-there are many incidents of violence that he had to deal with. But that means each of us, each Christian, needs to be prepared to suffer the legal/financial consequences of resisting the secular onslaught. The greatest dangers will occur when they come to know for certain that they are losing. That will be a time of great fear and great trial and it's somewhere in our future-near future, I think. And that is the time when we must be at total peace with our creator and with ourselves.
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Must We Loose This Mortal Coil at 75?

bigbill10 Wrote: Sep 29, 2014 4:26 PM
"Everybody Knows", or at least should know that much of what Everybody Knows is wrong, misguided, shaky or otherwise untrue. The idea that the administration currently in power, or any such administration of the past is universally smart is itself dumb. They have all come out with many stupid, bad, dumb pronouncements, even though they believe themselves to be quite wise and erudite. The ultimate conceit of intelligent people is that they are intelligent in all knowledge and decisions. Their greatest weakness is that they don't know that they don't know.
Rather than religion losing influence, I'd say that the old-line Christ-based religions are losing. Modernist secular religions, those that celebrate the supremacy of man (or at least SOME men.....and women) or man's intellect in solving all human problems...are doing quite well, thank you. Most modernists are quite happy bowing and kneeling to these new secular beliefs and faiths. And as they grow, they are more and more judgmental and oppressive to any competition-like Christian sects. I winder what they'll do when they come up against the REAL hateful and dangerous religions, like Jihadist-Islam. My guess, they'll all become Muslims, believing that they will be able to maintain their power base...and maybe they will. But I doubt it. The originators of the French Revolution almost all died at the business-end of a guillotine. Interesting......both the French Jacobins and the Muslim Jihadists practice execution by hear-removal......
The only really effective way to stop a bad man with a gun.....or a a good man with a gun. Thank God there was at least one in Moore, who was in the right place at the right time.
Selective enforcement of laws to gain political advantage is as old as Methuselah. As the number of laws grows to approach infinity, it becomes possible for a tyrant to use selective enforcement of laws to BYPASS the law-for him to become above the law, for him to become the law himself. That, in itself, it a very good reason for placing very strict limits on the width and depth of Government.
Christians must remember that love is a verb (an action) long before it's a noun (a feeling). When nonbelievers scream at us and call us "Haters", we should not respond in kind, which is the "natural" feeling and response. When they say the we hate them, we should respond that Christ loves them, and we're trying to love them is the same way and that it is a difficult process. In the Bible, Christ always returns love for the hate shown to him. In those few instances where he lost his temper, (money changers in the Temple), you get the feeling that he didn't hate these people personally, only what they were doing. Hate the sin, love the sinner. Sounds ain't.
I wish Naomi would propose a specific alternative to Capitalism-then I could critique her ideas on a somewhat equal basis as she has to critique the free market. I'll bet it looks something like.....SOCIALISM! And we all know how environmentally "pure" socialist countries are..... I recall that there were (are?) parts of Russia that are uninhabitable due to intentional dumping of rad wastes from nuclear weapons production. Then there's always Chernobyl, of course.....
When elections don't work, it seems that Libs turn to the criminal indictment route. The criminalization of political activities is an old, old Communist/Fascist method of gaining and holding political power when you don't have the votes to do so. If this works, even partly, we'll see it explode in the next election cycle. Get ready.
What is the difference between Islam and Christ? In Islam, Man kills man for God's sake And God Rewards him In Christ, Man kills God for man's sake And God forgives him.
hating hate is still hate.
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Holy Radicals in a Fallen World

bigbill10 Wrote: Sep 27, 2014 9:48 AM
Like our President, I, too favor a "fundamental transformation" of our nation. Mine includes Christ, in all His splendor and majesty, but also in His purity and simplicity and yes, even with his radical moments thrown in. When this nation turns to Christ in a national sense, we will start climbing out of this dark pit in which we find ourselves-and not a moment sooner.
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