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People who abuse Truth, even with the best of motives, need to be sanctioned-hard. They, and everyone else must understand that to break trust in such a blatant public way is going to cost them severely-like lifetime effects. When truth is actually valued, then and only then will it become the Gold Standard of investigative reporting again. Without truth....TRUE truth.....we might as well all close up and go home.
My mother's generation, born after the turn of the Century (the 20th) had many attitudes that would now be called "racist". They were very judgmental of Black folks, but never only about their skin color. They were very judgmental about their CULTURE, which was, and is, low-class and generally destructive of families and communities. I was probably the first member of my family (in the early 60's) to not automatically let those powerful judgments be applied to simple racial differences. I applied them....where they applied! My family's greatest mistake was to apply those negative cultural generalities to ALL Blacks-that made them prejudices and wrong. But applying them to those who actually believed ..and practiced them-is NOT prejudice, but accurate discernment and judgement of life-habits. My mother's greatest fear was that letting Black people live in our neighborhoods would ultimately destroy those neighborhoods-again, not because of their Color, but because of their Culture. I look at contemporary videos of residential Detroit, which had the third-highest per-capita income of all US cities in 1950 and tend to agree with my mother's attitudes about destructive cultural practices. I have Black neighbors right now who run their own international computer services company. They are respectable members of a hard-working middle class. Again.....Ad nauseam....It ain't Color....It's Culture........ We may continue to mix these two principles, but only at our very great peril.
The major problem with "Progressive" taxes is not that the rich pay proportionately more, but that poor and middle class voters come to believe that they can elect governments that will spend money on them but will not cost them anything out of their own pockets. The first is an issue of "fairness", which can be debated till the cows come home. The second is a sure and certain way to Perdition.
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Stupid is as Krugman Does

bigbill10 Wrote: Dec 17, 2014 6:53 AM
Paul Krugman is the poster child for the truth that intellect does not equal wisdom. The Nobel Committee is the poster child for the thought that arrogant intellects tend to flock together.
"Expectant moms on campus should not have to choose between their education and their child." She's already made that choice-now, she needs to live with the life that she's created. Yes, everyone can help with the details. Yes, her friends and family can help her. Yes, her home church and local churches can help her. But the main purpose of helping her is to help the helpless life that she has created. That's the focus. She already has, by her free and independent will, put her education in the back seat of her life. She may not have realized it at the moment she did it, but she did. That's how is is with free-will choices-sometimes you don't know what your're doing. Her child is now, or should be, controlling where she is going in life. She may some day return to her education, but she will never again...never it at the lead of her life. She's made that choice forever.
We need a Technicolored America, with each state going it's own way to success (or failure). When we have 50 economic/financial/social experiments going on simultaneously, we will all be able to observe the actual results and judge for ourselves what works and what doesn't. There will still be claims and counter-claims and politicians will continue to lie through their teeth, but success will-out. So will failure. Detroit is a current candidate for Worst Act as a City. It's not quite dead yet and may be showing some signs of coming alive again, but time will tell. Empty/abandoned houses, decaying infrastructure and an evaporating populace are hard to hide or blame-away. California may be in the running for Worst Act as a State. No matter who they blame, the pols still have to make the thing work-until they win a bailout. That's why I'm against bailouts-of states or cities. When they fail, we will see them for what they are.
It's ironic that people who called themselves "Puritans" would probably have agreed with the loony secularists that Santa was a bad image for the season. Of course, they would probably have also refused to celebrate Christmas as too gaudy, although they would have certainly celebrated Christ. So practices that would have been banned by old fuddy-duddy religionists in the past are currently being banned by.......NEW fuddy-duddy Religionists! Remember: Atheism is still a religion. although it's not a Christian religion. I'm sure that after a comfortable waiting time, the School Board will introduce Gaia, Woden, and other Norse and natural gods back into the curriculum. After all, they're not really against gods, only God.
I think the Republicans should have thanked Jonathan Gruber for telling the truth. His making fun of conservatives is simply icing on his birthday cake. If they castigate him for being truthful and candid, that will only diminish the chances that other people will follow suit and speak truth (their truth, of course-but truth at least as they actually see it). His truth-telling also gives them permission to tell THEIR truth without being sanctioned by their opponents for politically-incorrect speech. When somebody spits in your eye, punch them back-it's the only normal thing to do.
Most people, even most intelligent people, will see what they want to see, rather than anything that might be called "Truth". Intelligence is not, never has been, nor ever will be an equivalent to Wisdom. The wisest man doesn't know everything, the wisest man is the one who knows that he knows nothing.
Wow! Not enforcing the law! I wonder if our President ever thought that other people might actually follow his lead?
An interesting story, but instantly preempted by news that Russia has invaded Western Europe, China has retaken Taiwan, is occupying Australia and is talking about war with Japan, and The India/Pakistan nuclear war is about to start. NOTHING human-made will trump man's war-madness; not Liberalism, not Progressivism, not Socialism, not Libertarianism, not conservativism, not Communism. Only Christ will do that.....and in His own time and place.
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